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• 1/17/2019
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• 12/18/2018

Change to "Missions" Links on Top Bar

Hello! I made a page for the Armored Core V missions and added links for each of them (even those which do not yet have pages). Can we change the link under the Missions tab to no longer say unavailable?

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• 8/11/2018

Armored Core Model

Hi, I'm looking for someone to put together and paint a model for me to match the design I use in game. The design uses the head, core, arms, and legs from the soluh and weapons from 2 other kits. Anyone who is interested can get in touch with me at my email and is welcome to keep the spare parts from the 3 kits. Send me an email if your interested.
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• 6/26/2018


What makes a grid on the radar  Radar
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• 7/5/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 9/16/2017

Emblem of white glint

has a resemblance to shade of armored core silent line
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• 9/20/2016

ACVD 3RD ANNIVERSARY Community Get-Together (September 24th)

Everyone is getting together to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of ACVD's release! Join the community this Saturday September 24th as we gather to have fun, whether it be Free Battle or Conquest. Mark the date, and get ready pilots! If you would like to participate or host a room, please comment below, and we'll add you to the spreadsheet below to make it easier to find and get fights!
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• 8/6/2016

VERDICT-FC - A PS3 ACVD 1v1 Tournament

And the war rages on; presenting VERDICT-FC, a PS3 ACVD 1v1 Tournament! Featuring prizes and livestreaming, join us for one more grand event for Armored Core: Verdict Day!

Full Information:
Registration Form:
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• 8/2/2016

Anyone up for challenge runs of 3 to SL?

I've been playing 3 since it first came out, and found myself playing this thing over and over and over, trying to find weird builds to keep things fresh. Well, it's been something like 14 years now, and man, there are some fun challenge runs You can do with these games.
So, since emulating the PSP remakes became possible, I began starting to post some of these runs on YT, in hopes of finding anyone else who thinks these are just as viable as the Souls series for bizarre gimmick runs. 
Now, at the moment, AC3 seems to work fine, but SL Portable is a tad broken, so I would appreciate if anyone has some advice to fix the two mission crashes, and the constant arena ffreezes.
That being said, if anyone's up for a challenge, I can provide a whole list of fun challenge ideas!
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• 7/26/2016

Armored Core RTS Board Game is currently live on Kickstarter

Fans of Armored Core and tabletop board games should take note that Armored Core is currently on kickstarter. The game is played real-time phases and comes with miniatures, terrain and tons of equipment cards. Many different chassis are represented in the model types. Check it out!
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• 7/6/2016

AC Podcast - A community Podcast about the series, its community and more!

Feel free to give input, thoughts, criticism, etc.
Episode 0
Episode 1
Episode 2
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• 4/3/2016

What was your favorite inside weapon?

Mine would probably be Floating Mines. I also liked the Plasma/Bomb Dispensers, Decoys, and some kind of Rockets.
I also hope Inside parts return, and the controls from the older games. I think the older games were better, imo.
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• 3/13/2016

Armored Core Nexus - Lending a hand on part list.

Hey there.
Saw the list snt complete, so I'm goin to lend in a hand. I will be folowing previous pages example. However i dont have any pictures of the parts themselfs to add.
edit: Realised that the part i conrtibuted WR1OR-MOLD was already made. Not having it link to the part list made me think i was not contributed already. Ive fix that and the one after it. I will have to have the one i made to be renamed to a different weapon.
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• 3/3/2016

PSP Emulator -- Some stuff to note

I'd just like to make a few notes about using PPSSPP. If you don't know what that is, it's a PSP emulator. In context of Armored Core, you can use it to play the PSP games on PC or Android. In some cases, PC and Android hardware can make these games look better than the original PSP versions or even emulated PS2 games.
But that shit's old news. What I want to discuss is how content from PPSSPP should be used in the wiki.
Screenshots taken using PPSSPP can be freely used on user pages or blogs or forums, but they shouldn't be used on Main pages (i.e., Jack-O, Testarossa Artigiana). Naturally, since PPSSPP can look way better than the original PSP versions, you'd be wondering something along of why I'm prohibiting them, especially since such HD pics can enhance an article.
I've actually been thinking about this for a long time and this is what I've arrived at: It's misleading. See that Testarossa Artigiana in bold? That's the kind of misleading I'm talking about. Officially, Formula Front has only been released on PS2 and PSP, so if you look at it from the POV of a reader who's never played Formula Front, won't you just wonder why a PS2-PSP game is in 1080p HD? And because PPSSPP can enhance (or even worsen) the game's graphics, who's to say that one man's emulated version is a good representation of the game? To put it simply, using PPSSPP screenshots on Main pages is like using modded Skyrim screenshots on the Skyrim wiki.
I'm not going to just delete the PPSSPP screenshots I find in Main pages -- that would be a real waste of good shit -- but I will replace them with proper screenshots. The PPSSPP images currently uploaded will be lumped into one, easy-to-find area. If I can, I'll try to find a way so that the affected articles can easily link back to them.
Additionally, there are exceptions. Emblems, for instance, do not need to follow the rule. There's a bunch of other exceptions but I'll post a more proper and in-depth writeup in a future Wiki Update post.
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• 2/25/2016

For Answer: Destruction End canon?

Notice that Defend Line Ark, the first mission, uses Scorcher for its OST. Then Occupation of Arteria Carpals, the last mission in the whole game, also uses Scorcher. This gives the game a sort of Book Ends kind of ending. This ending also doesn't have a cutscene ending like the League and ORCA paths.
Then remember that both Zodiac and Corporation were hunting the Dark Raven because he was considered too powerful and therefore too dangerous. Reaper Squad are the same: hunting pilots who they deem too powerful.
Could it be that they're hunting really strong pilots because of Strayed, who was the godly powerful and the monster who slaughtered millions, so that they can prevent another person like him/her from wrecking the world?
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• 2/17/2016

Wiki Update #6 - Looking for walkthroughs and guides

We need some walkthroughs and guides. We need a whole lot of other things, but one thing I think pretty much anyone can help with is adding walkthroughs and guides. With regards to AC building per generation, there are plenty of guides online so I think it's time we have our own comprehensive guide, which we'd have an advantage in considering our resources.
There's also the Strategy section for individual NPCs and missions. When adding guides here, it would preferable for the writer to sign their name after the strategy they have written. This way, the author can get proper credit and anyone reading the strategy can send messages directly to the author in case they have any questions.
As for the schematic boxes, their current statuses can be seen on the previous update. The important announcement is that I'm thinking of removing paint data for ACs from AC1 to Last Raven and ACs from ACV and Verdict Day. In other words, games where we don't get AC schematics. This is because no matter how close we can get to copying those ACs' colors, it'd only be speculation unless we can actually prove that we got the colors right. Paint data will be kept for User schematic boxes.
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• 2/7/2016

AC4 and For Answer: Normal Mode or Hard Mode Canon?

Hey everyone, just had a quick question...
When the games decided to make two unique storylines for Normal Mode and Hard Mode respectively, did you see the Normal Mode, or the Hard Mode as canon?

I have a feeling that Hard Mode is canon just based off a few instances that would make sense, but can't say for sure.
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• 2/6/2016

Wiki Update #5 - New admin, etc

HolyToast is now an admin. If our wiki had more people, I'd put his adminship request to a community vote and shit, but we're a small wiki and HolyToast has already done a lot for the wiki, so there's no need for anything formal.
The Community tab of our Wiki navigation has also been deleted.
Additionally, this is current progress for the Schematic Box templates:

Armored Core - Master of Arena: Under construction
Armored Core 2 - Another Age: Nothing yet, since I don't have the games. I think the AC3-SL box can work, but I'm gonna need confirmation on that one.
Armored Core 3 - Silent Line: Ready
Armored Core: Formula Front: Under construction
Armored Core: Nexus, Nine Breaker, Last Raven: Ready
Armored Core 4: Ready
Armored Core: For Answer: Under construction. Just need to add some stabilizers sections to the AC4 box and we're golden
Armored Core V: Ready. This is just the ACVD box with tuning removed. If anyone sees any errors, tell me.
Armored Core Verdict Day: Ready for non-UNACs. Much like Formula Front, the box for UNACs will be way bigger than normal boxes since AI patterns will have to be listed. The UNAC box (and probably the ACFF box) won't be done until at least next week.
As usual, it would help if people could test these on their userpages.
edit: Going to create a separate box for Formula Front ACs since u/ACs have to be accommodated. Additionally, the "Designer" tab has been removed from the AC3 to Last Raven boxes since none of those games have designers listed in the actual story (afaik). Separate boxes for those games have been created for user pages (SchematicACNNBLR User, SchematicAC3SL User‎), each with the "Designer" kept in.
edit2: Boxes for AC4 and ACV are good to go. AC images have also been moved to the right of the boxes.
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• 1/18/2016

Armored Core Discord Channel

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to post this quick news bit. There's a new channel for all Armored Core players interested in talking about the series!
Thanks to SouthQ for creating the page!
Discord - Armored Core
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• 1/15/2016

Wiki Update #4 - Schematic box

This is a template for Armored Core 3 & Silent Line ACs. It's functional, but it would be nice if someone could test it out.

Classification: Armored Core

AC Performance:


Overall: -


Head: -
Core: -
Arms: -
Legs: -
Booster: -
FCS: -
Generator: -
Radiator: -

Inside: -
Extension: -
Back Unit R: -
Back Unit L: -
Arm Unit R: -
Arm Unit L: -

Optional parts: -

AP: -
Arm Weight: -
Leg Weight: -
Weight: -
EN Consumption: -
EN Capacity: -
EN Supply: -
Total Firepower: -
Defensive Points: -

Stability: -
Moving Ability: -
Turning Speed: -
Rising Ability: -
Cooling: -
Radar Ability: -
Sensor Ability: -
FCS Performance: -


Pattern: -

Pattern: -

Right Arm:
Pattern: -

Left Arm:
Pattern: -

Pattern: -

Back Unit R: -Back Unit L: -Arm Unit R: -Arm Unit L: -

This is how it should look like:

7 Heavens
Classification: Armored Core

AC Performance:


Overall: B


Head: MHD-RE/008
Booster: MBT-NI/GULL
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RIX-CR10

Inside: -
Extension: KWEL-SILENT
Back Unit R: CWC-CNG-300
Back Unit L: MWC-LQ/15
Arm Unit R: MWG-MG/800

Optional parts: OP-INTENSIFY

AP: 8561
Arm Weight: 2114 / 3056
Leg Weight: 4955 / 4960
Weight: 6857
EN Consumption: 5756 / 10500
EN Capacity: 48600
EN Supply: 4744
Total Firepower: 24605
Defensive Points: 2909

Stability: 1659
Moving Ability: 878
Turning Speed: 125
Rising Ability: 2797
Cooling: 2468
Radar Ability: 167
Sensor Ability: 250
FCS Performance: 3245


Pattern: Normal

Pattern: Normal

Right Arm:
Pattern: Normal

Left Arm:
Pattern: Normal

Pattern: Normal

Back Unit R: WhiteBack Unit L: WhiteArm Unit R: WhiteArm Unit L: White

This is the code:

|color =
|name =
|image =
|designer =
|atk pwr =
|def pwr =
|mobility =
|en sup =
|cooling grade=
|support =
|overall =
|head =
|core =
|arms =
|legs =
|booster =
|fcs =
|generator =
|radiator =
|inside =
|extension =
|back unit r =
|back unit l =
|arm unit r =
|arm unit l =
|optional parts =
|ap =
|arm weight = /
|leg weight = /
|weight =
|en consumption = /
|en capacity =
|en supply =
|total firepower =
|defensive points =
|stability =
|moving ability =
|turning speed =
|rising ability =
|cooling =
|radar ability =
|sensor ability =
|fcs performance =
|head pattern =
|head base color = r / g / b
|head aid color = r / g / b
|head optional color = r / g / b
|head detail color = r / g / b
|head joint color = r / g / b
|core pattern =
|core base color = r / g / b
|core aid color = r / g / b
|core optional color = r / g / b
|core detail color = r / g / b
|core joint color = r / g / b
|right arm pattern =
|right arm base color = r / g / b
|right arm aid color = r / g / b
|right arm optional color = r / g / b
|right arm detail color = r / g / b
|right arm joint color = r / g / b
|left arm pattern =
|left arm base color = r / g / b
|left arm aid color = r / g / b
|left arm optional color = r / g / b
|left arm detail color = r / g / b
|left arm joint color = r / g / b
|legs pattern =
|legs base color = r / g / b
|legs aid color = r / g / b
|legs optional color = r / g / b
|legs detail color = r / g / b
|legs joint color = r / g / b
|back unit r color=
|back unit l color =
|arm unit r color=
|arm unit l color =

edit: updated schem box above
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