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• 12/24/2015

PS2 Armored Core

So, I have been struck by a wave of nostalgia and am now digging up my olde ps2 games. Among them was Silent Line. I played it again, and now I want more.
So, I wanted to ask: what is in your opinion THE best PS2 Armored Core game? Or maybe a chart of the best ones?
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• 11/29/2015

verdict day final boss

how do you beat the last boss in verdict day? i have literally tried hundreds of times yet i cannot beat it
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• 10/29/2015

The To-Do list

I was gonna do this shit myself but considering how unproductive I've been, I'll just leave this here in case anyone is bored and wants something to do. I'll still try to do it but I ain't making any promises, especially since there hasn't been an AC game in nearly two years now.

Wiki wordmark and logo
Gameplay guides (to be created under namespace Fan; "Fan:[page title]")
Beginner's guides to AC building
Advanced meta guides
Meta dictionary (missile boats, KUMO quads, stab-of-death, plinking, etc.)
Standardization (See Anatolia's Mercenary, J, and WiKiAN for guides)
Story articles
OST articles w/ individual song articles
Templates for ACs. Template must have the AC's stats, parts, pilot, etc. See Bulbapedia's pokemon stats templates for an example of what I'm talking about.
Will add more when I can remember what else needs to be done.
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• 8/26/2015

What happened to the Exceed Orbit page?

As the title states, the page was deleted by someone and I think this wikia needs it back
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• 8/13/2015


Yeah so them caps should have attracted some attention.
For anyone even marginally interested in a new AC game, here's a post that may interest thee: [1]
Basically, Dark Souls's Miyazaki is telling us that if we WANT a NEW ARMORED CORE GAME, we HAVE TO CONTACT NAMCO BANDAI about it.
So get out there and begin the mass email sending. Heck, use multiple accounts if thou must. Go post and post post on Facebook, even. Heck, fucking call their customer service hotline too. That should show em, eh?
The ff. is from the Facebook post:

Twitter: "If you're on Twitter, send messages to the Bandai page @BandaiNamcoUS and Community Manager Joseph Kartje using @JKartje and the hashtag ‪#‎ArmoredCore6‬ let him know that the Armored Core fans are still here and ready!"
Twitter: "If you're on Twitter, send messages to the Bandai page @BandaiNamcoUS and Community Manager Joseph Kartje using @JKartje and the hashtag ‪#‎ArmoredCore6‬ let him know that the Armored Core fans are still here and ready!"
Facebook: "If you're on Facebook, send a message to the Bandai Namco Page ( and show them your support."
Email: "If you're not on either of these platforms, let the Bandai Namco folk know directly via email ("
"Remember, be respectful and polite!" <-- From the Facebook post
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• 7/12/2015

How do I upload my screenshots from ps3

Hello, is there anyway to export my screenshots in Verdict Day onto a usb or other? But the thing is the images isn't saved on a regular photo folder (like you usually do when taking screenshots ie dragons dogma) instead its on ACVD the game itself.
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• 7/1/2015

Anyone else think that Armored Core 6 should have a "from the makers of [X] Souls" advertising

From Software has become a really popular developer recently. Their Souls and Bloodborne have earned them a lot of acclaim and pretty much gamer knows who they are (or at least, every gamer knows how well respected the Souls games and Bloodborne is).
Anyone else think From should exploit their popularity by adding "from the makers of blah" when advertising the next Armored Core game? Like how RAGE was advertised with "From the makers of DOOM and Quake". As insulting as it may be to the AC series (since it came before the Souls games) I think that's just the right push AC needs to get more recognition. Most people arent even aware that ACVD and ACV are made by From Software.
ACV managed to greatly outsell both AC4 and ACFA in japan because of From's work with the Souls game (and cuz AC is prety big in japan). ACV was killed everywhere else because of the whole separate servers thing.
ACVD in the west peformed poorly because Bandai oh so brilliantly decided to place the release date between FIFA and GTAV (see how retarded that is?)
I really think that From and the publishers of the next AC game should mention the whole "from them makers of [x]" thing when advertising
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• 6/17/2015

Armored Core games for Xbox One backwards compatibility

As everyone's probably already heard, Microsoft has announced at E3 that they're adding backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. There's already some Xbox 360 games working for the Xbone, and more games are now up for voting. Popular mainstream games like Red Dead Redemption or BioShock Infinite get tons of votes so it's all but guaranteed that those games will be coming to the Xbone; on the other hand, niche games like Armored Core 4 or Armored Core: Verdict Day will need some pretty hefty fan support before Microsoft even thinks of adding them to the repertoire.
Here's a link:
The AC games up for voting are:

Armored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
Armored Core V
Armored Core: Verdict Day
In short, every 7th Console Generation Armored Core game.
Regardless of whether or not you're an Xbox player, let's all try to support Armored Core here. It'll at least show that the Armored Core fandom isn't as small as big-name publishers seem to think.
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• 4/27/2015

ACVD LiV strategy

any way to cheese the bitch? i got beat like twice now. she's like the bastard offspring of that final pulverizer from last raven
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• 3/26/2015

Armored Core 1 is now available on NA PSN

Great news (though anyone who comes here has probably already heard it)! The original Armored Core, or Armored Core 1, is now available for download on the NA PSN store as one of the latest titles in Sony's PS One Classics line. It costs $5.99 and is the Agetec localized version of the game.
No word yet on Project Phantasma or Master of Arena getting an English-language release, but PSN Japan and PSN Hong Kong are currently selling all three PS One Armored Core games for download. These, however, are the Japanese-language versions of the games.
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• 2/14/2015

Looking for AMVs

Anyone know any good Armored Core AMVs? I'm looking for ones that use in-game footage and music. Please don't give me anything that uses non-AC music (like say, those common AMVs that use songs from bands like Linkin Park or whoever else is popular nowadays).
Specifically, an AMV like this.
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• 2/7/2015

Armored Core 4's (supposed) translation hackjob

I've heard many times that Sega's localization of Armored Core 4 obscures or remove entirely many details from the plot. However, the claims are rather vague, and I've seen at least one person state the claim is exagerated and the only thing the english translation obscures is that Fiona knows Joshua O'Brien personally. Not being fluent in Japanese, I can't check any of that for myself.
Would any Japanese speaker be able to detail what was changed? Or if it's just a fan myth?
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• 1/10/2015

another (dumb) question, any1 know how to get nineball's emblem from the psx ac games? (saw a few videos on you tube which had the emblem)

not sure if it was through a hack or something but seen several videos where ppl have made acs  that have nine-balls emblem. is their anyway to get that emblem? (asked one of the creators of the videos someone who said they got it through samples in the edit emblem menu in the orginal game but its clearly not there).
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• 12/9/2014

armored core colour schemes for remaking in game acs

ok this maybe me bring up a bit of a trivial suggestion when  considering the breadth of other more pertinent and interesting info that could be on the wikia, but thought I'd try my hand at the suggestion anyway.
So yea basically been playing alot of the old armored cores again and trying to complete each game with premade ingame acs (such as wildcat/the red ac in ac1 and zinaida's fascinator in ac:lr) however could never Quite get the colour schemes right (just as close as I could). was wondering if it would be cool to include colour schemes for each ac for ppl who want to build exact ingame replicas of ingame acs?. (or just the more well known acs cause yea would be time consuming for something most ppl may consider negligible info ).
forgive me if its abit of a dull question considering what else you could include as really its just pedantic ac purist in me that wants replicas to be perfect (as I love using some of the in game ac designs as a challenge sometimes)  but thought I'd try asking it anyway and see if anyone else would be interested?
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• 11/3/2014

Why Armored Core series are changing the Game Developer.... Sega,Ibisoft, now namco bandai...What' next? Square Enix? Will be AC rpg lol

I Play armored Core games since Ps1 games, but is the first time i see a game change the developers in sequence so fast.....

This is not good in my point of view, in AC3 Universe, you can bring your founds and parts since AC3 to nine breaker,,,,,

Now, AC4 and FA doesn't have that integration... is because of the games developer?

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• 10/11/2014

What do you want to see to return on the next upcoming Armored Core game?

I'd like to see insides, extensions, optional parts, custom arena(like AC:MOA), human plus/op-i, plasma dispenser, and the right arm energy machine gun(like the one from AC:MOA and AC2) to return.
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• 10/11/2014

Why did Agetec stop making Armored Core games?

Any idea for this? I think they were the best company for Armored Core games.
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• 9/15/2014

white glint

wiki says white glint is a she
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• 8/4/2014

WANTED: Featured Article for August 2014

We need a new featured article for this month. It doesn't have to be long, detailed or even follow the MOS. The only requirement is that you think it's a good article. Post your suggestion here, and I will try to revise it to fit into the MOS.
Voting ends August 8. I apologize, but we're already late as is.
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• 8/3/2014

The Project: Novel Series (Inspired by Armored Core and Gundam)

I have no shame whatsoever, so here goes.
A Friend and I are working on a Novel series Inspired by Armored Core and Gundam. Other Honorable mentions include Pacific Rim, and Various Mecha Anime.
For posts, conversations, and updates based on Novel Progress click one of the following links and help our audience grow! All fans of All types are Welcome.
Page Admin and Blog Author - Homeless Tim Ftw
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