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• 3/3/2016

PSP Emulator -- Some stuff to note

I'd just like to make a few notes about using PPSSPP. If you don't know what that is, it's a PSP emulator. In context of Armored Core, you can use it to play the PSP games on PC or Android. In some cases, PC and Android hardware can make these games look better than the original PSP versions or even emulated PS2 games.

But that shit's old news. What I want to discuss is how content from PPSSPP should be used in the wiki.

Screenshots taken using PPSSPP can be freely used on user pages or blogs or forums, but they shouldn't be used on Main pages (i.e., Jack-O, Testarossa Artigiana). Naturally, since PPSSPP can look way better than the original PSP versions, you'd be wondering something along of why I'm prohibiting them, especially since such HD pics can enhance an article.

I've actually been thinking about this for a long time and this is what I've arrived at: It's misleading. See that Testarossa Artigiana in bold? That's the kind of misleading I'm talking about. Officially, Formula Front has only been released on PS2 and PSP, so if you look at it from the POV of a reader who's never played Formula Front, won't you just wonder why a PS2-PSP game is in 1080p HD? And because PPSSPP can enhance (or even worsen) the game's graphics, who's to say that one man's emulated version is a good representation of the game? To put it simply, using PPSSPP screenshots on Main pages is like using modded Skyrim screenshots on the Skyrim wiki.

I'm not going to just delete the PPSSPP screenshots I find in Main pages -- that would be a real waste of good shit -- but I will replace them with proper screenshots. The PPSSPP images currently uploaded will be lumped into one, easy-to-find area. If I can, I'll try to find a way so that the affected articles can easily link back to them.

Additionally, there are exceptions. Emblems, for instance, do not need to follow the rule. There's a bunch of other exceptions but I'll post a more proper and in-depth writeup in a future Wiki Update post.

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• 3/3/2016

If anyone's interested in knowing how to use PPSSPP, just do a Goodgle sweep and you can find a guide. You can also ask the Facebook group. There's also a guide in Reddit and ACL but I won't give direct links to them, on account of the whole emulation business being a rather questionable thing.

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