Anyone up for challenge runs of 3 to SL?

I've been playing 3 since it first came out, and found myself playing this thing over and over and over, trying to find weird builds to keep things fresh. Well, it's been something like 14 years now, and man, there are some fun challenge runs You can do with these games.

So, since emulating the PSP remakes became possible, I began starting to post some of these runs on YT, in hopes of finding anyone else who thinks these are just as viable as the Souls series for bizarre gimmick runs. 

Now, at the moment, AC3 seems to work fine, but SL Portable is a tad broken, so I would appreciate if anyone has some advice to fix the two mission crashes, and the constant arena ffreezes.

That being said, if anyone's up for a challenge, I can provide a whole list of fun challenge ideas!