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The 03-AALIYAH is a biped Rayleonard middleweight NEXT model that first appears in Armored Core 4.

The 03-AALIYAH is one of the first NEXTs, appearing in the National Dismantlement War and used by many of Rayleonard's LYNX. Considered their flagship model, it was optimized with the use of the then experimental Primal Armor and performs exceptionally in high speed combat. Some of the top LYNX, such as #1 Berlioz and #3 Anjou used this NEXT with minor weapon variations. Although excelling in ground combat, the Rayleonard NEXT suffers from low AP durability, high energy consumption, and particularly low aim precision (which was thought to be of little importance as the 03's arms were intended to be used in high speed combat requesting more aim speed than accuracy). By the time of ACFA, only Shinkai and Hari would be the remaining "pure" 03-AALIYAH user.

Its real-life designer is Daisuke Satake[1]


Armored Core 4[]

The 03-AALIYAH is one of the first NEXTs that the player is allowed to choose in AC4. It is also one of the most common NEXTs used during the National Dismantlement War and up until the end of the Lynx War.

Armored Core: For Answer[]

If the player decides to go independent instead of working for a company at the beginning of the game, then they will have a basic 03-AALIYAH as their starter NEXT. It is noted that by this time, the 03-AALIYAH has been considered outdated in terms of current NEXT standards. Despite this, both Shinkai and Hari (with a few adjustments) continue to use the AALIYAH.

The default arm units switch places between AC4 to FA, and the starter variant designed by Serene Haze for Strayed will by default be equipped with a TRESOR in the place of a SULTAN for its right back unit.



  • Fans speculate that the Sega-released US version of Armored Core 4 spelled AALIYAH as ALIYA in order to avoid referencing the famous late R&B star Aaliyah. The reference is probably intentional on FROM's part, as pre-release screenshots show the generator part being named 06-RIHANNA (pictured above), another reference to an R&B singer. These musical references were replicated with Berlioz (a reference to composer Hector Berlioz) and his craft Supplice (the third part of Berlioz's "Symphony Fantastique" , titled Marche Au Supplice), all using an AALIYAH-based NEXT. The Ubisoft release of Armored Core for Answer undid Sega's transliteration.
  • The 03-AALIYAH bears a close resemblance to the AC used by Stinger.
  • The 03-AALIYAH's core is based on Formula One (F1) car.


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