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The 04-ALICIA is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT produced by Rayleonard and is a variant of the 03-AALIYAH.


The 04-ALICIA is a highly mobile, middle-weight, reverse-legged NEXT built by the corporation Rayleonard for experimental purposes.


The 04-ALICIA was developed as a 03-AALIYAH variant, using a reverse-joint leg setup instead of the AALIYAH's humanoid legs. The new legs greatly increased ALICIA's jump height while slightly lowering EN consumption, making the machine well-suited to high speed aerial combat. However, because of the high energy consumption problems typical of the AALIYAH series, and the tremendous amount of energy consumed by the vertical boosters, the unit's flight time is still somewhat limited when compared to other reverse-legged NEXTs.

It is advised that the EN output as well as capacity of the generator is tuned up while using the 04, a change of main booster to something with lower vertical boost cost may also be effective.


Armaments are included as part of the Armored Core 4 starter pack. The schematic itself does not include weapons. Additionally, the default arm units DO NOT switch places between AC4 to FA as there is no arm units attached upon purchase of the AC:FA version 04-ALICIA.

Notable users[]

  • Roughcut - Piloted by Zanni (AC4)
  • Unsung - Piloted by Maximilian Thermidor (AC: FA)


There seems to be a bug in AC:FA, where the eye's paint data is empty by default, making the optics plain black.