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The 061ANCM is a Bernard and Felix Foundation back part that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part Description[]

Large scattered missile weapon. Feels similar to using a long-range cannon.

ACFA part review:

Single shot, high speed spread missiles. They move faster than any AC, making them good for chasing down foes, but that's not all they're good at. At mid range they can absolutely strip PA, and are still hard to dodge if fired from the right position.

Part Statistics[]

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Spread Missile
  • Manufacturer: Bernard and Felix Foundation
  • Price: 200000c
  • Weight: 743
  • EN Cost: 822
  • Attack Power (Ballist.): 1857
  • PA Attenuation: 728
  • PA Penetration: 2900
  • Impact Force: 502
  • Blast Radius: 35
  • Acceleration: 50
  • Flight Time: 300
  • Missile Agility: 10
  • Fire Rate: 150
  • Division Count: 10
  • Magazine Capacity: 52
  • Cost Per Round: 700