13 is a Raven in the Armored Core 3 Portable Arena. His rank is E-33.

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13, at far right.


530px-Armored Core Mavors

AC Mavors as seen in Brave New World. In the AC3 Portable Arena, he is equipped only with the SHADE rifle and MOONLIGHT blade.

Never without his visor, this Raven is a battle-hardened mercenary who knows when to cut his losses and run. He mentors a young female Raven who's the same age as his daughter, and competes in the Arena to demonstrate his battle skills.

He plays a major role in the Armored Core: Brave New World novel and is stated as being the mentor to Double Heart.

AC MavorsEdit

Mavors is a lightweight two-legged unit that emphasizes aggressive tactics. In the Armored Core 3 remake on the PSP console, he is only equipped with the SHADE laser rifle and MOONLIGHT blade. However, it can be implied that some form of Human PLUS is in use during the main storyline (although it's obvious that he isn't meshed into his AC like other Human PLUS subjects) of Armored Core: Brave New World since he can be with a KARASAWA laser rifle, MOONLIGHT laser blade, and two grenade launchers on his back all with only a lightweight frame.


If it's one thing, he's fast. Unless you have a fast AC yourself, you won't be able to keep up with him. The SHADE laser rifle, EO core, and not to mention his MOONLIGHT blade, will definitely catch you off guard. He tends to stay behind you and attack, so the utilization of grenade with the quick-turn extensions will catch him off guard in return. Otherwise, use a tank and a aperture laser cannon while in the Arena and just mow him down from your starting position.



  • Mavors is one of the ACs made into a Model Kit.
  • 13 is a number most commonly associated with bad luck.
  • Mavors is an alternative name for Mars, the Roman God of War.


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