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The AB50-2H is the most common airborne enemy in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: for Answer.


AB50-2H carrying White Glint's 051ANNR rifle.


The AB50-2H is a light attack helicopter armed with a chin-mounted machine gun, and typically operate in squadrons of four. They are most often seen providing air support to other assets, such as escorting aircraft carrier groups or larger aircraft. Despite their numbers and flexibility, most of their firepower can be absorbed by primal armor, and the threat they pose to a NEXT is minimal to insignificant. They can typically be destroyed by a single hit from virtually any weapon, although their small size tends to make them quite difficult to hit. By the time of Armored Core; For Answer, it has lost significant fighting ability in the face of NEXT technology.


  • The AB50-2H is a copy of the modern-day Boeing AH-64A Apache helicopter.