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ABYSS - Emblem

ABYSS' Emblem

ABYSS is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 13th in the Arena.


Unlike some of his fellow AC pilots, ABYSS has no qualms about changing tactics mid-fight in order to secure a win. This unique strategy has served him well so far.

AC Blood Feud[]

Blood Feud is a heavyweight bipedal AC equipped with multiple shell weapons. They include micro missile extensions, a micro missile launcher, a middle rocket launcher, a grenade rifle, a machine gun and two FINGER machine guns as hangar weapons.

AC Blood Feud

AC Blood Feud


This guy has an AC that can hit hard at close range, but is slow to move around. Stay away from its right side to avoid the grenade rifle. Blood Feud is vulnerable to outstrafing, so keep outturning it and you will be able to dismantle it from behind with a sustained assault before it can even reach for its hanger weapons. Its micro missile setup is most easily negated with a decoy dispenser.