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The ACB-O710 is an Omer back part that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part Description[]

Booster used to increase forward boost speed. Works well with a laser blade.

ACFA Part Review:

Takes up both back weapon slots, but gives you an insane speed boost. When used with blades, it creates a lag effect online, making you glitch out and teleport about, making it somewhat game-breaking and arguably unfair. When used without blades, it's a solid option for CQC that allows you to close in faster. Mind it's energy drain and be prepared to forgo back weapons and you'll do fine with it.

Part Statistics[]

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Add Main Booster
  • Manufacturer: Omer Science Technology
  • Price: 250000c
  • Weight: 498
  • EN Cost: 96
  • Horizontal Thrust: 2000
  • Horizontal EN Cost: 2000
  • Vertical Thrust: 1000
  • Vertical EN Cost: 1600
  • Quick Boost: 12000
  • Quick Boost EN Cost: 8200