AC Battle 2

Wildcat in the Arena.

AC Battle (2) is a mission in Armored Core

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Ravens' Nest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000

Theater of operations: Ravens' Nest AC Training Ground

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Win the battle

Briefing Edit

Come participate in an AC battle that the Nest will be holding over
the next few days. This invitational event pits ace pilots in AC-to-AC
battles where the winner takes all.

Naturally, there are benefits to entering. The winner of each battle
will be presented with prize money in an amount equivalent to the pay
of a normal mission.

We will decide the opponents for the battles. You are free to choose
any weapons or equipment. We look forward to you participating actively.



Radio: "So you are the scum who attacked the train...Now's a good time. Let's settle this right now!"


Armored Core AC Battle-0

Armored Core AC Battle-0

This mission is extremely simple because Wildcat doesn't put up much of a fight and with a high powered energy weapon like the KARASAWA or the rapid fire back cannons, he will fall quickly. Ultimately this is an easy and fun mission to test an AC on.


  • This is one of the best money maker missions in the first Armored Core game.
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