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AC Klein Fake

AC Klein Fake is the unofficial fan name for a Special Forces AC that appears in Armored Core 2.


The AC Klein Fake is a middleweight bipedal AC. It is equipped with a mine dispenser, anti missile extensions, a large rocket launcher, a slug gun, a grenade rifle, a laser blade that fires special blade waves and an overboost core. The unit is piloted by an AI that is programmed to be like the real Leos Klein. It also uses the same outer parts as the real AC Klein but mounts different weapons. The unit is designed as a decoy for the real Leos Klein and also equips a mine dispenser that allows it to set floating mines in a large area as seen in the mission Eliminate Leos Klein. It also ignores weight restrictions and can possibly fire the back mounted slug gun without having to kneel. The unit is never seen using its back weapons, anti missile extensions and overboost core in battle.


  • "Let's fight, Raven. We'll settle this in battle."



This AC can be quite difficult to fight although most of the difficulty comes fromt the environment. Within the area are a number of Reactors that must be protected. Each one that gets destroyed causes the player to lose money and ultimately can fail if too many get destroyed. Being that Klein Fake fights with a grenade rifle, this makes it a rather difficult proposition, especially if you use a high powered rifle, like that of the KARASAWA-MK2. This can lead to you losing a ton of cash and even having to redo this mission several times. The best thing to do is stay in the center area and, if necessary, absorb some of Klein's hits, it's better than failing the mission. He isn't too difficult but does move around quite a bit, making a good shot rather difficult. Still Klein Fake isn't too difficult and unlike other fights in Armored Core 2, it isn't 2 on 1 so as long as you can avoid most of his attacks (and make sure that you're not up against a Reactor in the process), he should fall quickly


Appears only in the mission Eliminate Leos Klein as an enemy.


  • Name comes from a japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • The grenade rifle the AC carries seems to have a faster firing rate as compared to the standard grenade rifle.
  • The laser blade the AC carries produces a blade instead of firing only a wave like the player's version of that part. It has a long thin blade that is bright blue-violet, matching no other blade in the game. It can be seen here: The Zio Matrix AC1 also has an almost identical feature.