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A standard AMIDA

AMIDA(s) are biological weapons encountered in Armored Core: Nexus and later in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Manufactured by Kisaragi with the help of Navis during the conflict. Nexus era, they are insect-like creatures which are about 5-6 meters tall and sport 6 legs which they use to drag themselves across land, encases in a heavy, jade-tinted shell. They are highly aggressive and will attack without warning. The species is able to reproduce rapidly, but they are generally unable to withstand sudden shifts in temperature.

Nexus Era[]


Amida in Nexus

They first appeared as mobile bombs effectively, slowly crawling towards the player AC before self destructing. Also when killed they explode, meaning that they are dangerous to kill with a blade. Attacking with them at range is the best option as typically others can be killed by the explosion, causing a chain reaction.

Last Raven[]

This version has evolved dramatically and appears much like the other biological weapons of the series. They are generally unable to move and generally are fairly easy to defeat. When they attack, AMIDAs no longer explode but spit out some damaging substance, much like their predicessors. They are capable of dealing good amount of damage, but not nearly as much as the new Evolved AMIDA. These dangerous monsters are quite mobile and attack in an AST style of attack. This, along with the fact that they typically apper in numbers, makes them quite a dangerous enemy and can quickly destroy an AC, even with high Energy Defense.


  • Small - Small AMIDAs which are similar to the standard but colored yellow.
  • Standard - The normal blue like colored AMIDAs. These are the only ones seen in Nexus.
  • Evolved AMIDAs

    Evolved AMIDAs

    Evolved - A newly evolved type of AMIDA bio-weapon that has wings and can fly. They are believed to be the result of ongoing research being carried out by ex-Kisaragi scientists, but this hasn't been confirmed.
Armored Core: Last Raven
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