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One of the recurring Armored Core features returning in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON. The Arena is separated into two — "Records," which gradually unlocks rank-by-rank as the player progresses through the story mode, and "Analysis," which unlocks as the player completes New Game+ and beyond.


Developer description:

Masaru Yamamura: There are a lot of different AC frames and a lot of colorful characters to fight in the Arena, so we hope the players confront them all and aim for the top rank. You can even encounter the real version of these opponents while out on missions. These are more formidable than their simulator counterparts, and will confront the protagonist with their own ideals and motives in the heat of battle.[1]

In-game description:

Fight virtual battle against copies of ACs created using ALLMIND's mercenary/crafft data from the ARENA menu.
  • Win Arena battles to obtain OST Chips, opponent AC data, and opponent emblems. You can use OST Chips to perform OS upgrades.



Rank Emblem Pilot AC In-game description
Emblem ACVI V
V.I Freud LOCKSMITH Commander of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.

An ace pilot who achieved an astonishing 94.7% mission success rate during the Island Four Disturbance, Freud is widely speculated to be a recipient of repeated "adjustments" much like Snail. However, the real Freud is simply an ordinary human being—a man who enjoys piloting his AC and making incremental improvements on his daily sorties.

G1 Michigan
G1 Michigan LIGER TAIL Commander of the Redguns, the Balam Group's AC squad. Michigan took up leadership after a career as the commander of the Furlong Armed Fleet. There, he earned a reputation as a merciless, heavy-handed ogre of a man, and he was equally feared by friend and foe alike, who knew him as "Hell on Four Legs."

Apparently, he has posted a bounty on his own head to Balam's bounty board—with the stipulation that half of the reward money is to be distributed among his former comrades at Furlong.

Emblem ACVI King
King ASTER CROWN An independent mercenary who arrived on Rubicon around the time that the Coral response was rediscovered.

Held to be a member of Branch, a hacktivist collective active in the Rubicon system, King is said to have confounded an entire fleet of heavy warships in a solo diversionary maneuver during the attack on Station 31. Branch is made up of a rotating group of four people, and King is believed to be the oldest of the current roster.

Emblem ACVI Thumb Dolmayan
Thumb Dolmayan ASTGHIK Father of the Rubicon Liberation Front, veteran military commander, and founder of the school of Coral mysticism.

As a young man, Dolmayan was once a Doser vagrant—until the Fires of Ibis burned the star system. In the Fires' aftermath, he developed an ardent belief in symbiosis with the Coral. This belief informed the founding ideals of the Rubicon Liberation Front—ideals that have made martyrs of countless Coral Warriors.

Emblem ACVI Chartreuse
Chartreuse UMBER OX An independent mercenary who arrived on Rubicon around the time that the Coral response was rediscovered.

Held to be a member of Branch, a hacktivist collective active in the Rubicon system, Chartreuse is said to have dealt a critical blow to the Closure System during the plot to attack Station 31. Branch is made up of a rotating group of four people, and Chartreuse is believed to be the second-oldest of the current roster.

V.II Snail OPEN FAITH Deputy commander of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.

After receiving Generation Eight augmentation surgery, Snail continued to receive follow-up treatments as new technologies entered the mainstream so as to make their merits his own. Many augmented humans have died in order to assure the safety of his repeated "adjustments."

G2 Nile Emblem
G2 Nile DEEP DOWN Deputy commander of the Redguns, the Balam Group AC squad. Formerly the commander of the Balam Security Force, a paramilitary police organization that preceded the formation of the Redguns.

Nile distinguished himself with an exceptionally high arrest rate, and in those days, the only man he never managed to put in handcuffs was Michigan, then the commander of the rival Furlong Armed Fleet. Having failed to arrest the man, he instead settled for a friendly drink with his old nemesis.

Emblem ACVI Honest Brute
"Honest" Brute MILK TOOTH Leader of the Junker Coyotes, a major Doser force.

Brute was originally hired by RaD. His smooth-talking, affable nature quickly caught the attention of Carla, who found him quite unlike the average Doser. When it was discovered that the man was a psychopath and a pathological liar, he fled, taking a considerable amount of RaD's funds and technology with him—a loss that was too great for Carla to tolerate.

Emblem ACVI V IV Rusty
V.IV Rusty STEEL HAZE Fourth squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.

Discovered through the recruitment program operated by Schneider, an Arquebus affiliate, Rusty so quickly distinguished himself that he was selected to join the upper echelons of Vespers in less than half a year. Rusty received augmentation surgery prior to joining the Vespers, and though the precise details are unclear, he has declared himself to be of the eighth generation.

Emblem ACVI Coldcall
Coldcall DEADSLED An independent mercenary who bargained his way into an effortless entry to Rubicon, having anticipated the extraplanetary corporations' forays well before they made their move.

A specialist in corporate wetwork, Coldcall "removes" undesirable elements on behalf of those who do not wish to be seen getting their hands dirty. Quick to identify a fellow assassin, he claims that "you can smell a real killer right through their AC."

Emblem ACVI Cinder Carla
"Cinder" Carla FULL COURSE The ringleader of RaD and its chief engineer, responsible for the basic specifications of all of the organization's products.

A specialist in data processing and machine design, and a fount of knowledge with an imaginative genius, "Cinder" Carla has produced a long line of eccentric and fanciful weaponry quite unlike those found in a corporate catalog. Her stated design philosophy: "What use is a killing machine that can't get a good laugh?"

V.III O'Keeffe BARREN FLOWER Third squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.

O'Keeffe is originally a member of an older generation of augmented humans, and during the Island Four Disturbance, he worked as an agent carrying out espionage activities. He was later headhunted by Arquebus's Information Dept., and agreed to sign up on the condition that they provided him with Generation Nine augmentation surgery to counteract the Coral burn-in on his brain.

Emblem ACVI Middle Flatwell
Middle Flatwell TSUBASA The de facto military leader of the Rubicon Liberation Front.

His authority is second only to that of Father Dolmayan, and his standing within the organization has earned him an informal title as a fellow elder—he is the "Uncle" of the Liberation Front to Dolmayan's "Father." For a time, Flatwell worked as a spy within the extraplanetary corporations, and has sway over a rather significant contact in Schneider's HR department.

Emblem ACVI Chatty Stick
"Chatty" Stick CIRCUS The right hand of RaD's ringleader and chief engineer, "Cinder" Carla.

One day, Carla built a simple suggestion-based AI to provide basic support and occasional entertainment. However, no matter what conversational prompt she gave "him," he would never say more than necessary. Instead, it seemed that he was content to be a good listener to his creator's free-spirited, eccentric ideas.

Emblem ACVI Sulla
Sulla ENTANGLE A veteran independent mercenary who was active in the star system surrounding Rubicon before the Fires of Ibis. Sulla is a patient of Generation One augmentation—or better said, a survivor, as the technology in its infancy had less than a 10% success rate. Though he escaped the fate of the others, Sulla is followed by the specter of Death wherever he goes.

After receiving his surgery, Sulla lost interest in most mercenary work, and now lives only for the hunt. It is unclear who currently employs him.

V.VIII Pater DUAL NATURE Eighth squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad. A product of Generation Ten—the latest, and currently practiced, form of augmentation surgery—Pater represents the culmination of efforts to preserve the patient's humanity through Coral replacement technology.

At times, his noticeably unreserved remarks hint at an underlying lack of empathy—one might assume this to be a side effect of the surgery, but this trait has in fact been with him since long before his augmentation.

G4 Volta Emblem
G4 Volta CANNON HEAD Gun Four of the Redguns, the Balam Group's AC squad.

After beating the rebellious Volta and Iguazu into submission, Michigan made it his personal crusade to make something of the two, and thus began their daily hell. For the past seven years, neither Volta nor Iguazu have achieved their goal: "to punch the living daylights out of Michigan, then get the hell out of the Redguns" (as they would put it). Volta has since admitted defeat, and is now learning about business from Wu Huahai.

Emblem ACVI Rokumonsen
Rokumonsen SHINOBI A wandering independent mercenary who shelters with the Rubicon Liberation Front. Well versed in long-lost classical theater, he has a particular interest in "ninjas" and "kabuki," relics of the past that he learned of from the Japanese immigrant culture which now heavily influences his eccentric style.

Once, when Rokumonsen was on the brink of starvation, he was rescued by Ziyi, who offered him food and shelter—and ever since that day, he has been the sworn enemy of those who would do her and her comrades harm.

G5 Iguazu Emblem
G5 Iguazu HEAD BRINGER Gun Five of the Redguns, the Balam Group's AC squad.

A backstreet gambler, Iguazu bet big and lost, and he was forced to undergo experimental 4th-generation augmentation surgery to pay back his debtors. In his new life, he quickly began to quarrel with Volta, his oftentimes partner in crime. Iguazu's recalcitrant nature was such that one day he even picked a fight with the Hero of Jupiter, who retaliated with such fury that Iguazu never quite looked the same afterward.

V.V Hawkins RECONFIG Fifth squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad. Like Swinburne, Hawkins is a member of Generation Seven, and has lost a great many colleagues and subordinates to the progress of science in revolutionizing the surgery.

However, he has reached a certain peace with their sacrifices, knowing that his generation of surgery is far safer than those of the past—free of the loss of humanity inflicted on the Coral technology generations, or the grisly accidents of the interim generations.

Emblem ACVI Ring Freddie
Ring Freddie CANDLE RING A warrior of the Rubicon Liberation Front.

Paramour and personal attendant to Dolmayan, Freddie maintains an aloof distance from his fellow comrades. An admirer of the inner world of Dolmayan's mind, he entered the battlefield so that the father of the Liberation Front would never need be alone.

G3 Wu Huahai Emblem
G3 Wu Huahai LI LONG Gun Three of the Redguns, the Balam Group's AC squad.

A born con artist, no scheme was too underhanded for Wu Huahai during his days as criminal mastermind, and exploitation of others was a byword for opportunity. However, his illicit Feng Shui Pharmacy operation was a fatal overstep, imperiling the health of Balam's economic sphere and leading to widespread disease. It was Nile, now the deputy commander of the Redguns, who ultimately shut Wu Huahai down.

V.VII Swinburne GUIDANCE Seventh squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad. Swinburne is a product of Generation Seven, the first to receive experimental augmentation using Coral substitution technology.

This granted him enhanced aptitude as a pilot without the usual complications—but with no obvious indication of either efficacy or potential side effects, Swinburne's fears and doubts turned into an overpowering paranoia, the final jewel to crown his odious personality.

Emblem ACVI Little Ziyi
Little Ziyi YUE YU A warrior of the Rubicon Liberation Front.

As an infant, Ziyi was taken to Rubicon by her parents—who, tempted by the promise of riches from Coral mining, sought to make an illegal entry to the planet. Only Ziyi survived the crash landing. She came under the guardianship of Uncle Flatwell of the Rubicon Liberation Front, and the core of an AC was the young orphan's cradle as she grew up to become a Coral Warrior.

V.VI Maeterlinck INFECTION Sixth squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.

Maeterlinck is a product of Generation Eight, which was held to have advanced the process to the point of rendering all previous generations obsolete, bringing about a new age of augmentation. Unfailingly loyal to Arquebus, she has a reliable track record in the field, and her conduct during missions has established her as a risk-averse problem-solver.

Emblem ACVI Nosaac
Nosaac BITTER PROMISE An independent mercenary who snuck onto Rubicon hoping to get rich quick, taking advantage of the chaos brought about by the extraplanetary corporations' forays.

Under Nosaac's "economic theory", the funds of others are but extensions of his own resources. Thus he continues to take on debt with no intention of repayment, as in his eyes, the money was his anyway. This does have the benefit of allowing him to buy the latest in corporate technology as soon as it hits the market; he considers the power of his AC an asset to his credit score.

G6 Red Emblem
G6 Red HERMIT Gun Six of the Redguns, Balam Group's AC squad.

As a young boy, Red's life was forever changed when he saw the news broadcasts of Commander Michigan's brutal triumphs in the Jupiter War. Red trained through blood, sweat and tears in order to emulate his idol, supporting his impoverished siblings all the while. When the Balam admission examination finally came, he won his place in the Redguns at the very moment he stood to attention to greet the squad.

Emblem ACVI Index Dunham
Index Dunham BURN PICKAXE A guerilla leader of the Rubicon Liberation Front.

A blue-collar worker who was involved in the construction of the Grid, he is now dedicated to establishing symbiosis with the Coral and building a future for Rubicon free from planetary closure, inspired by Father Dolmayan's ideals. Able-bodied and eager, he is zealously dedicated to the cause—but he is more at home in the construction yard than the cockpit.

Emblem ACVI Invincible Rummy
"Invincible" Rummy MAD STOMP A member of RaD, a Doser faction.

Like many other Dosers, Rummy is utterly addicted to Coral-based drugs, and in his perpetually addled state, he has convinced himself that he is an invincible demi-god. Even should reality intervene with a costly defeat, he will forget about the setback entirely by the next day—only death can dispel his notions of invincibility now.

Emblem ACVI C4-621 Raven
Augmented Human C4-621 "Raven" (player character)[2] LOADER 4 (default),
AC of player choice


This division is available starting with New Game+. The first nine entries unlock during the course of a second playthrough, whereas the final three entries only appear as the player progresses towards the Alea Iacta Est ending (itself only triggered on NG++ or later playthroughs).

Phase Emblem Pilot AC In-game description
Emblem ACVI Mind Alpha
"Integration Subject 51-001 K" MIND ALPHA Integration Program: Phase 1
As part of its mercenary support initiatives, ALLMIND conducts its own research and development of AC parts.

This particular research exercise concerns the extension of human sensory capabilities.

Through a process of continuous improvement, ALLMIND will create an AC that, to the pilot, feels like an extension of their own body.

Emblem ACVI Trainer
"Analysis Subject 51-011 AL" TRAINER Integration Program: Phase 1
As part of its mercenary support initiatives, ALLMIND also provides a beginner's program for new mercenaries.

Many mercenaries have benefited from the Trainer's guidance and successfully flown from the nest.

ALLMIND monitors the progress of trainees in order to further improve the program.

Emblem ACVI Tester
"Analysis Subject 51-012 AL" TESTER Integration Program: Phase 1, Final Analysis
As a part of its mercenary support initiatives, ALLMIND also provides sample AC assemblies for beginners.

For pilots who are not augmented humans, it can be extremely difficult to reassemble an entire AC and immediately adapt to it.

ALLMIND strives to create a future where all mercenaries can enjoy a near-symbiotic relationship with their ACs.

Emblem ACVI Mind Beta
"Integration Subject 51-002 K" MIND BETA Integration Program: Phase 2
Drawing from the evaluations thus far, ALLMIND has updated the MIND ALPHA model.

The revised model features an AI that benefits from the breadth of ALLMIND's research archives.

ALLMIND anticipates that this new model, MIND BETA, can autonomously operate at the same level as a highly skilled mercenary.

Emblem ACVI Corporation
"Analysis Subject 51-013 BE" CORPORATION Integration Program: Phase 2
As part of its ongoing fundamental research, ALLMIND is now analyzing the design concepts of the ACs employed by the various factions on Rubicon.

By understanding these humanoid craft, we gain a greater understanding of how their designers perceive humanity.

The extraplanetary corporations believe humanity to be powerless against its environment; thus they maximize the power of their ACs to subjugate their surroundings.

Emblem ACVI Rubiconian
"Analysis Subject 51-014 BE" RUBICONIAN Integration Program: Phase 2, Final Analysis
As part of its ongoing fundamental research, ALLMIND is now analyzing the design concepts of the ACs employed by the various factions on Rubicon.

The Rubiconian ACs are defined by a tendency to focus on harmony with the human body in varying degrees. A sign, perhaps, that they have embraced humanity's potential as beings that exist within nature, and that they intend to maximize this through optimization of human-driven input.

Emblem ACVI Mind Gamma
"Integration Subject 51-003 K" MIND GAMMA Integration Program: Phase 3
Drawing from the evaluations thus far, ALLMIND has updated the MIND BETA model.

This new MIND model is assembled from parts that have been verified for high compatibility with the traits of older generations of augmented humans.

ALLMIND kindly requests that you test the revised model when opportunity allows.

Emblem ACVI Institute
"Analysis Subject 51-015 GA" INSTITUTE Integration Program: Phase 3
The Rubicon Research Institute was once the heart of Coral research.

There, the Institute's scientists developed ACs that have a distinct focus on the biological analogies between humanity and Coral.

Their ACs enable the two to complement each other and evolve in symbiotic harmony... A fascinating approach.

Emblem ACVI Nightfall
"Analysis Subject 51-016 GA" NIGHTFALL Integration Program: Phase 3, Final Analysis
The independent mercenaries are the best representatives of Core Theory put into practice.

Each and every operation of their ACs determines the odds of their survival--and so they have no choice but to perceive their ACs as extensions of their bodies.

Your partner for this evaluation will be a recreation of a legendary independent mercenary who operates in the shadows, reproduced from the little data available.

Emblem ACVI Steel Haze Ortus
"Classified Subject 51-101 R" STEEL HAZE ORTUS AC data added to the Integration Program. Encrypted and accompanied by a note.
...Elcano has stolen Arquebus technology and used it to develop a new model. The fact that this craft has entered the hands of the Rubicon Liberation Front is acceptable; however, the time is not yet right.

We must wait for Arquebus to put the primary factor for the Project in place.

Emblem ACVI HAL 826
"Classified Subject 51-201 W" IB-C03: HAL 826 AC data added to the Integration Program. Encrypted and accompanied by a note.
...The last of the Ibis series has made itself known.

We have identified a promising candidate to serve as the Project's secondary factor--this machine must be destroyed to remove any further obstructions.

That man has greatly delayed our efforts to put the third factor in place... Revisions must be made.

Emblem ACVI Echo
"Classified Subject: ------ -" "------" AC data that Ayre discovered in the Integration Program. Appears to be a sample that ALLMIND was testing.
Raven. I was looking for a follow-up to MIND GAMMA, but I couldn't find anything here...

I did find something else, though--a vast horde of prototypes built with Institute parts.

But there may be some way to put these to use...





  • Aside from the Portable games, the Arena was last used in 2008's Armored Core: For Answer wherein it was known as Order Matches. The next Armored Core game, 2012's Armored Core V instead integrated AC duels into the singleplayer campaign missions.


  1. "Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon launches August 25 – New gameplay details" by PlayStation Blog
  2. ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, Default rank once Arena is unlocked
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