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Accompany Air Transports is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 48000c

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Archive Airspace

Enemy Forces: Fighter Jets, Aerial Combat MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Escort transports

Operation Code: Adversity

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Archive Airspace

Start Time: 08:00

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 24%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


"Several Crest facilities were the recent targets of a massive barrage of cannon fire launched from space. Their current situation is one of barely controlled chaos."

"This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored. With their attention focused elsewhere, we plan to move a flight of transports through Archive Airspace."

"Be aware, frequent electromagnetic storms present a constant threat when traveling through this region. These storms limit visibility and inhibit the performance of all electronic instruments."

"If the transports were to come under attack during a storm, they wouldn't stand a chance. Please escort them through the area safely."



Falcon No. 1: "The weather looks pretty bad."

Falcon No. 1: "Switching to manual control. Hold on."

Falcon No. 2: "This is Falcon 2. Targets approaching."

Falcon No. 1: "Roger that. Opening cargo doors."

Falcon No. 1: "They're not responding!"

Falcon No. 1: "Raven, do what you can!"

Falcon No. 1: "We've cleared the storm. I'm opening the cargo doors."

Emma: "Incoming transmission."

Emma: "Mirage has an urgent assignment"

Emma: "They want you to lead an ambush against Crest."

Emma: "Because this is an emergency request, the decision is yours to make."

Emma: "Please board the transport if you accept."


This is a bit of an annoying mission, as the conditions around in the airspace makes it very difficult for you to hit anything in this mission at all. During the first minute or so, the pilot of the plane open the cargo door that you're in, but due to weather conditions, they don't open fully. As a result, your attacks will be heavily restricted to the small space where your shots can get through and this makes it harder as there're several enemies throughout the level, mostly consisting of unmanned flying MTs and fighter jets. Fortunately, they're not very durable so it's rather easy to get rid of them. It's best to use weapons that have long range capability as the enemies can attack from afar. A combo of sniper rifle and small missiles works well for this mission.

After the first minute or so, the storm will clear, and the cargo doors will now fully open, allowing you to properly target enemies in the level. Note that not all enemies tend stay in your line of sight, some tend to go behind you. As such, you might have to step outside to deal with them. This makes it extremely precarious, as you can easily run out of energy while boosting repeatedly in the air, even with the aid of OP-INTENSIFY. Take a light AC with efficient boosters and low energy drain if you want to go flying outside. It's also best to have a long range FCS to be able to keep a lock on enemies that are far away. However, going after the fighters and MTs in the distance is not recommended - it is better to stay near Falcon No. 1 (your transport) and fire at the enemies from there, because the enemies tend to fly around at rapid pace. If you try to chase them down, you may run out of energy or waste too much time, making it more likely that they manage to shoot down one of the transports.

Once all the enemies are gone, depending on how much time you took in dealing with them, you may or may not get a request from Mirage, about an ambush against Crest. It's ultimately up to you whether you choose to accept. If you accept, get back/stay inside the transport. If not, step outside the transport and not enter it.


  • If the mission is completed quickly, the mission Archive Area Ambush will be offered before the mission ends.
  • In order to get the MCH-MX/GROA core part, you will need to destroy at least 25 enemies and also protect all of the transport aircrafts. At the same time, you must complete the mission within 250 seconds.