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Ace's Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank A-1
Craft AC Arcadia
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Ace is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is the highest ranked Raven in the Arena. In the Extra Arena he is partnered with BB and they hold the title of the highest ranked team.


Upon defeating BB in the Arena.

Title: -

"I'm surprised you made it this far. I guess BB didn't fare any better against you than he did me. I've spent many years pursuing perfection in combat. Perhaps by fighting you, I will finally experience it. I look forward to facing you in battle."


While never actually faced head on, Ace is shown through his messages and biography as being a competitive, respectable, and humble Raven. Unlike most others, he welcomes the The Raven's challenge and shows no qualms after having been bested. Rather than taking the results negatively, Ace is proactive and continues to train in order to become an even better pilot.

AC Arcadia[]

Arcadia is a middleweight bipedal AC equipped with an overboost core, energy anti missile extensions, a grenade launcher, a chain gun, a sniper rifle and the MOONLIGHT laser blade. The unit focuses on fast paced aerial combat. Due to the unit being equipped with OP-INTENSIFY it can fire blade waves and use both the chain gun and grenade launcher while moving.

Classification: Armored Core
AC Arcadia

AC Performance:





Core: CCL-01-NER
Arms: CAL-44-EAS
Legs: CLM-02-SNSK
Booster: CBT-FLEET
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RIX-CR10

Inside: -
Extension: KWEL-SILENT
Back Unit R: CWC-CNG-300
Back Unit L: CWC-GNS-15
Arm Unit R: MWG-SRF/60

Optional parts: OP-INTENSIFY

Arm Weight:
Leg Weight:
EN Consumption:
EN Capacity:
EN Supply:
Total Firepower:
Defensive Points:

Moving Ability:
Turning Speed:
Rising Ability:
Radar Ability:
Sensor Ability:
FCS Performance:






Right Arm:


Left Arm:





Back Unit R:
Back Unit L:
Arm Unit R:
Arm Unit L:


In-Game Information[]

Before Defeat[]

He earned the top position after defeating BB, who was long considered the Arena's best. He strives for perfection and never lost a single match during his rise through the ranks. For now, he trains rigorously and awaits the next challenger.

After Defeat[]

Having suffered his first loss ever, many expected him to harbor a great deal of malice toward the new champion, but in fact he holds him in high regard. According to Ace, their battle saw both pilots in top form and brought out the best in each other.


Being the top-ranked pilot in the Arena, it is fairly obvious that Ace is no pushover. Unlike the other preceding A-Rankers, his AC build both possesses fairly balanced armament, and is the most mobile of the bunch. Ace is not as overtly aggressive as BB or even Royal Mist, but he does not need to be that; he can fight on his own terms just as well, at the same time retaining patience and multifaceted tactics that he will cycle through at his leisure.

At the start of the match he will often take to the skies and fire his grenade launcher several times (most often five). Fortunately, his grenade aim is not as oppressive as BB's, and his grenade cannon is also a weaker model, so it is nowhere as deadly as it was the case in the previous fight - however, taking the effort to dodge all the grenades is in your best interest anyway. Next, Ace is going to switch to the chaingun and try to overpower you with a prolonged volley of rounds; dodge backwards and to the side on an arc to escape the fireline. After that proves ineffective, Ace will employ his heavy sniper rifle while staying airborne; due to OP-INTENSIFY + CGP-ROZ combo he gets enough energy to be able to basically glide indefinitely, and will only reach to the ground very infrequently. Instead, he prefers to stay high up and aim from a steep arc, fishing for easy sniper shots when your dodging ability is limited. To stay out of his sights, move constantly below and behind him. He can stay up for a prolonged amount of time, before landing and closing the distance with his MOONLIGHT blade, which will tear you apart if he continues to hit. From there on, Ace may change his weapons in any order, but tends to rely on the sniper rifle, provided that you can keep up with him.

Other than that, Arcadia is not the most well armored AC of the Arena, its pilot favouring mobility and versatility over that. What is going to be troublesome is landing hits on Ace in the first place. He will prove to be exceedingly hard to hit if you are not able to track him vertically, and jumping after him may end up in a sudden MOONLIGHT counterattack (which may cost you over 2000 AP if it lands airborne). To present himself a more difficult target still, Ace is going to float at different altitudes while chasing you. A weapon with good aim tracking like a machine gun is best suited to counter that.

While a fast AC with high-power weapons is recommended, he can be defeated with almost any AC that's designed competently by using the following strategy:

First, wait for Ace to land, stay very close to him while he's in the air to avoid getting hit by his grenade launcher and sniper rifle as he'll have a tough time getting a shot off if you are directly under him. Once he's landed, walk away from him, walking is especially important as if you boost he will start to fly again. He will begin to do an Overboost charge in an attempt to hit with the MOONLIGHT. This is the most opportune opening. Fly to avoid the blade wave and when he stops, nail him with a shot from a high-power weapon such as a grenade rifle before he jumps up to fly high above again. His sniper rifle is the biggest concern, as this weapon is the one most likely to hit regularly; the remaining weapons can be reliably evaded. This approach will take some perserverance to stay on Ace's toes and outdamage him, but it is very doable.

Another viable strategy for the sufficiently fast ACs is to exhaust Ace's ammo. His grenade launcher accuracy is not too great and the gun has few shots, and the chaingun is easily avoided with proper aim track evasion, leaving the sniper rifle as the main concern. However, since Ace relies on scoring shots from above you, if you keep boosting under him, he will have trouble moving his crosshair after you. If you can dodge most of sniper rifle fire, Ace is prone to find himself without ammo. At this point, all you need to do is throw anything you got at him, provided that you maintain enough distance from him. Never let him too close, as his OP-I-powered MOONLIGHT is still more than enough to land a victory for Ace if you ever get careless. But if you can keep him away from the melee range, you can finish him off at your lesiure.

In Extra Arena, he is partnered with BB, and the two will seem overwhelming at first, but this battle is actually easier then in the normal Arena, all because of Royal Mist.

Take Royal Mist as your consort for this battle. Once it starts, focus all your attention on BB exclusively and let Royal Mist and Ace duke it out. You will find that Royal Mist actually surpasses Ace in terms of skill, and will leave him heavily damaged by the time you're done with BB. Simply keep under Ace to keep him in the air and Royal Mist will eventually destroy him without you needing to do anything other than keep BB occupied.



The name Ace can refer to the playing card. In Old French, Ace traditionally meant "bad luck". This however has changed to mean "high quality excellence". This reflect Ace's rise through the ranks which is expressed in his biography.

The name Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature stemming from a Greek province by the same name. In particular, Arcadia was seen as being unattainable. Ace may have named his AC Arcadia in order to highlight his skills which he considered superior above all others, and earned him a restful, unchallenged existence at the top of the Arena.


  • By defeating him while having the OP-INTENSIFY part equipped on your AC, you will unlock enhanced booster performance.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • Ace's name may be a reference to the first Armored Core, where the player earns the title of 'Ace" in the Arena after achieving Rank 2.
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