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Aerial Interdiction Mission Icon

Aerial Interdiction is the first mission of the third chapter of Armored Core 4.



  • Damage: 18600 AP (26600 AP on hard mode)
  • Ammo Use: N/A
  • Mission Time: N/A


Robert Mayer Bridge

The Robert Mayer Bridge

Let's confirm the mission.

We've located an armed anti-establishment group's supply line.

The enemy supply convoy will be flying over the Robert Mayer Bridge - stand by in the area, and take down all of their freighters.

We've spotted specialized flight-capable Normals among their fleet, so keep your eyes peeled.

Those are your orders.


Aerial Interdiction Graph

Mission Graphic

The player begins the mission atop the Robert Mayer Bridge, and is tasked with intercepting the enemy transport helicopters before they leave the area. The transports have various escorts, such as Normals and attack helicopters, although these do not need to be destroyed to complete the objective.

Part way through the mission, a large armored transport train will pass through the area along the railway under the bridge. The mission ends once the train, and all of the transport helicopters have been destroyed.

Hard mode differences: A Fermi aerial fortress appears after most of the transport helicopters have been destroyed. Destroying it is necessary to complete the mission.



Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy supply unit approaching. Your mission is to destroy the enemy transports within the combat area.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode) Approaching enemy squadron confirmed. It''s huge! Interior aerial fortresses?! It's confirmed as enemy backup. Prepare to intercept.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy signatures confirmed on the ground. It's a large transport train, headed down the line, fast!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy transport approaching.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Destruction of all transports confirmed. The mission was a success. Good work. Please head back.


  • The mission is named Bridge of Dense Fog in the Japanese version.