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Agraya Emblem
General information
Japanese name アグラーヤ (Agurāya)
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Crest Industries
Occupation AC pilot
Rank N/A
Craft AC Red Star
Eras present Navis Conflict
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Nexus,
Armored Core: Nexus (Prima Official Game Guide)
Voice actor English: Possibly Evelyn Huynh, Jaime Weber, Rebecca Wink, or Christie Z

Agraya is an AC pilot working for Crest Industries. She is one of the few AC pilots of the era who are neither a Raven nor affiliated with the Ravens' Ark.


As the conflict between Navis and Mirage intensifies, Crest supports Navis by having Agraya invade the forward staging base Mirage established at Abax Plain. She arrives at the base just as Crest's initial MT strike team is defeated by a Raven employed by Mirage and remarks that the enemy Raven's presence explains how the base has remained impregnable thus far. Agraya engages the Raven, vowing to show them the fate awaiting Crest's enemies. She withdraws after being overpowered in the ensuing duel, though prior to leaving she praises her opponent.[1]

Mirage later lures her into a trap at Bayload City's rooftop where she is confronted by the Raven she fought at Abax Plain. Agraya immediately realizes and accepts her predicament then battles the Raven once more, swearing that they would regret accepting Mirage's contract.[2]

If Agraya is defeated[]

When the enemy Raven gains the upper hand, Agraya acknowledges their prowess, surprised that the Raven's Ark still had such skilled pilots. Eventually, she is defeated. With Agraya's last breath, she apologizes to fellow Crest affiliate Genobee for her loss.[2]

If Agraya is victorious[]

Agraya defeats the enemy Raven but does not kill them.[2] She disappears from the public eye immediately afterwards.


"Stop Crest Invasion Force"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
Second cutscene, triggered after all enemy MTs are defeated "A Raven, no wonder..." "レイヴン相手にMTか・・・何が重過ぎるな" (Reivun aite ni MT ka... nani ga omosugiruna) -
NPC line after the second cutscene "Let me teach you what happens to those who oppose Crest." "クレストにたてつく者がどうなるか、教えてやろう" (Kuresuto ni tatetsuku mono ga dō naru ka, oshieteyarō) -
Third cutscene, triggered when Agraya is defeated "Not bad..." "やるな・・・" (Yaruna...) -

"Destroy Crest Exclusive AC"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
First cutscene, triggered at the start of the mission "It's a trap... So, they chose you? Fine then... you'll regret accepting this mission!" "ワナ・・・か・・・ お前が私の相手か. いいだろう・・・この任務を受けたこと、後悔してもらおう!" (Wana... ka... Omae ga watashi no aite ka. Īdarō... kono ninmu o uketa koto, kōkai shitemoraō!) -
Red Star's AP drops to 50% "Not bad..." "なかなかやる!" (Nakanaka yaru!) -
Red Star's AP drops to 10% "I didn't think the Ark still had pilots like you..." "アークにまだこんなやつがいたとは!" (Āku ni mada konna yatsu ga ita to wa!) -
Agraya is defeated "I'm sorry Genobee..." "ジノーヴィー・・・すまない・・・" (Jinōvī... sumanai...) -

AC Red Star[]

Red Star is a black and red lightweight bipedal AC with weapons geared towards close-range combat. It has a shotgun, grenade rifle, chain gun, triple missile launcher, anti-missile extensions, and an Over Boost core. Human PLUS enhancements let it ignore weight restrictions and use back-mounted cannons while moving.

Red Star
Classification: Armored Core
AC Red Star

Head: CR-H98XS-EYE2
Core: CR-C84O/UL
Arms: CR-A92XS
Legs: CR-LH84L2
Booster: CR-B83TP
FCS: Unknown
Generator: Unknown
Radiator: Unknown

Inside: CR-I92FMM2
Extension: CR-E90AM2
Back Unit R: CR-WB75MT
Back Unit L: CR-WB69CG
Arm Unit R: CR-WR84S
Arm Unit L: CR-WL95G
Hangar Unit R: -
Hangar Unit L: -

Optional parts: Unknown



Head Pattern: Normal
Core Pattern: Normal
Right Arm Pattern: Normal
Left Arm Pattern: Normal
Legs Pattern: Normal


Back Unit R Pattern: Black
Back Unit L Pattern: Black
Arm Unit R Pattern: Black
Arm Unit L Pattern: Black
Hangar Unit R Pattern: N/A
Hangar Unit L Pattern: N/A


Agraya is a hostile NPC in Armored Core: Nexus. She first appears in "Stop Crest Invasion Force" shortly after the Crest MTs are defeated, and once Red Star is dealt sufficient damage, she will withdraw, thus ending the mission. The player then duels her soon after in "Destroy Crest Exclusive AC". If Agraya is defeated, the debriefing states she is killed in battle, whereas the opposite leads to a report that she survives the assassination attempt, but she will neither be seen nor mentioned afterwards.

The reward for defeating Agraya in "Destroy Crest Exclusive AC" is 260,000c. The WB31B-PEGASUS dual auxiliary booster Back part is a bonus for destroying Red Star within fifty seconds.

As Agraya is an AC pilot rather than a Raven, she cannot be fought in the Free Arena.

Computer analysis[]

"Enemy AC detected. The unit equips weapons corresponding to various ranges. Adjust tactics accordingly."


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

Her strategy is to rush in on you while unloading a heck ton of punishment from her weapons, also given the fact that her weapons are geared towards close combat, it is going to hurt facing her up close. She resorts to using her shotgun or chain gun along with her grenade rifle at close range and missiles at mid-range, so to avoid her simply stay further away from her. But do note that she also loves to use Overboost to close distance rapidly, so make sure your own AC has enough mobility to evade her quickly, or you will be in for a hell of a beating. Fortunately, her AC is not built to take a lot of punishment, as she is a lighweight AC, it is very easy to crack her fragile frame. Rapid-fire close range weapons such as machine guns or shotguns do good against her, or hard-hitting weapons like the linear rifle or laser rifles can break her apart easily too. Missiles work too but she does have anti-missile extensions so they may not be very effective.


"Stop Crest Invasion Force"[]

"Destroy Crest Exclusive AC"[]

Armored Core Nexus Perfect Guide Book[]



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The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • Agraya's name is likely a mistranslation of Aglaia.
  • Some fans speculate that Agraya and Zinaida are the same character.
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