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Airborne Attack is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Indies

Advance: 0

Upon success: 60000

Theater of operations: Skies above Arkot Ocean

Enemy forces: Zio Matrix Transport Squadron

Objective: Destruction of all enemy transports

File No: A-TP-4112

Code Name: Curtain Fall

Client: Indies

Opponent: Zio Matrix

Place: Skies above Arkot Ocean

Weather: Cloudy

Mission Start Time: 0:00

Estimated Success Rate: 45%


Zio Matrix has flagrantly disregarded all of our warning regarding the
expansion of their airborne transportation routes. The time has come
for us to act.

The target of this operation is a squadron of Zio Matrix transport
planes. The attack will take place in the skies above Arkot Ocean. All
targets must be eliminated.

This will be a difficult mission and one that requires a great deal of
finesse. Advance carefully and good luck.


  • 9 HAT
  • 4 Transport Planes w/ defense turrets


  • 1 Transport Plane


Operator: "Targets detected. There are four planes in all. Commencing AC drop."


There're a total of 4 transport planes to destroy. Usually most setups would do fine on this mission, but it's recommended to have good boosting capability (along with a decent condenser capacity) so as to be able to keep up with the planes.

To destroy the planes, you simply need to blade down the fins on the back and the wings on the side. After one is destroyed, move on to the next one and repeat the same strategy. Move quickly onto the next target as a destroyed plane will lose altitude. You need not bother with the gun turrets or powered suits in the mission, they're just there to distract you. Focus on cutting down the planes - with good positioning near the target points, the turrets will not even acquire you when you are destroying the critical spots, leaving only an occasional HAT to get rid of.


  • You should have high boosting capabilities for this mission.