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Akvavit Logo
General information
Classification Corporation
Affiliation and corporate information
Affiliations Rayleonard, GA Europe
Specialty Kojima technology
Energy defense and PA effectiveness
Products Sol Dios Cannons
Computing devices
NEXT schematics
Plasma weaponry
Known employees P.Dam
Tepes V
Eras present National Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Notable battles Battle at the Abandoned City
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer (TORUS)

Akvavit was a longstanding military electronics corporation based in northern Europe. In addition to being the world's leading Kojima technology company, Akva Vit produced top-of-the-line computing devices, sensors, and other electronics. Though offering weapons of impressive, cutting-edge functionality, their creations were designed for energy defense and PA effectiveness, thus having almost no armor and poor overall endurance. Akvavit had strong ties with Rayleonard, and also worked with GA Europe. They played a significant role in the events of the Lynx War.


Armored Core 4[]

They assisted GA Europe during their violent break with GA America at the start of the Lynx War, and subsequently joined Rayleonard in declaring war against the GA Group. Much like Rayleonard themselves, Akva Vit chose to stay in the background during the first phase of the Lynx War (Chapter 4 of AC4), before coming to the forefront during the second phase (Chapter 5). Of particular note was their attempt to attack GA's Sing colony with Sol Dios mobile platforms that were secretly built in cooperation with GA Europe. This attack ends up failing due to the joint intervention of Anatolia's Mercenary and Joshua O'Brien. After this, Akva Vit quickly buckles under pressure; their headquarters are destroyed by Joshua O'Brien at the same time Exavil, Rayleonard's headquarters, is destroyed by Anatolia's Mercenary.

Armored Core: For Answer[]

With help from the Interior Union, GAE was already stumbling towards resurrection. Having heard of the Union's plans, Akva Vit scientists started to appear, seeking employment. Knowing of their experience in the field of EN weaponry and Kojima research, the Union gave permission to allow parts of Akva Vit to be integrated in the GAE research team, on the condition that the company would only conduct minimal research in the field of laser weaponry.

Their designs soon forced a name change for the company as Akva Vit was constantly putting its mark on everything manufactured, and with the new High output booster systems being developed by Rayleonard remnants from Akva Vit, less than half of the company was composed of GAE parts. After several years of preparations, TORUS finally saw daylight, its name hinting of their technological power, endurance and unmatched experience in the Kojima field.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)[]

Lynx Name Next Name Rank Original Current Status Appearances
P.Dam Hilarios 21 Yes KIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Battle at the Abandoned City AC4
Tepes V Silver Bullet 7 Yes Presumed dead from Kojima poisoning AC4
Totient (Speculated) Gray Gloom 8 (ORCA) No Unknown (KIA in League Path) AC:FA

NEXT Schematics Made by Akvavit[]

NEXT Schematics Utilizing Akvavit Parts[]

Mobile Fortresses[]


Introduced in Armored Core 4[]


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
LINSTANT/H 300,000C 410 1450 Shop Special part designed specifically for PA strength.


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
LINSTANT/A 450,000C 1790 2050 Shop Super light part optimizing PA use at the expense of all else.
MADNESS/XA 750,000C 2990 3300 Marche Au Supplice (Hard Mode) Integrated weapon part equipped with a Kojima rifle.


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
LINSTANT/L 400000c 3970 6280 Shop Lightweight Biped legs with thin armor and a focus on PA.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
BLUEXS 420000c 32 482 Jardin de Chavalier (Hard Mode) A part designed exclusively for use with laser blades.
INBLUE 300,000 21 517 Shop A part with high lock-on speed for fast-paced combat.
LAURA 295,000 30 256 Shop A part focused on firearms at the cost of missile handling.


Part ID Price Weight EN Output Unlocked Notes
LINSTANT/G 745,000C 409 30182 Shop Featherweight part with focus on PA and craft mobility.

Over Booster[]

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
LINSTANT/O 455,000C 431 557 Shop Cutting-edge high-output part with lighter weight.

Arm Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
AXIS 1,400,000C Kojima Rifle 1736 1555 Finish NDP-C001 RAY Data Pack A cutting-edge Kojima weapon effective against PA's.
SAMSARA 275,000C Plasma Rifle 1350 1339 Shop A plasma rifle with excellent anti-AC damage efficiency.
SOLO 500,000C Plasma Rifle 556 1011 Shop Storable specialty rifle designed for use as a spare.

Back Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
INSOLENCE 1450000c Kojima Cannon 2781 1277 Silent Avalanche (Hard Mode) -A model with expanded Kojima charge limits for great power.
JADORE 1000000c PA Molder 2407 2977 Line of Defense (Hard Mode) This independent rectifier heightens PA effectiveness.
SULTAN 250,000C Plasma Cannon 2116 1121 Shop A plasma cannon made larger and more powerful.
TRESOR 550,000C Plasma Cannon 1097 1209 Shop A lighter model with fewer shots but high power.

Shoulder Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
EUPHORIA 1,000,000C PA Molder 888 1507 Marche Au Supplice (Normal Mode) A PA-strengthening rectifier with Kojima technology.
ADDICT 1200000c PA Charger 907 1197 Marche Au Supplice (Normal Mode) A device that releases Kojima particles to restore PA.


  • All plasma weaponry in Armored Core: For Answer is built by Akva Vit. Additionally, several of the best FCS systems in both AC4 and AC:FA were built by Akva Vit though these have a tendency to be ineffective with missile weaponry.