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Appearances Armored Core 4
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The Allegorical Manipulation System (AMS) is a modern piloting system created by Professor Jarnefeldt, possibly while under contract to Aspina. It can only be used by Lynx, due to their special traits. This gives them control over their NEXTs that is far greater than other pilots.

General Information[]

The AMS is a NEXT piloting system that doubles as a product of cutting-edged brain physiology and neuroscience. It allows one to control NEXTs using thoughts. It requires specific compatibility to use it. The pilot's nerves are literally wired, or "linked", into the NEXT's electronics, allowing lightning-fast reaction time and perfect 1:1 manipulation. The data output is sent to the IRS, which is the NEXT's centralized control system.

The AMS does have a side effect though; Pilots with low AMS compatibility are often put under a great deal of stress, which, over time, can drive the pilot insane, and even kill them. Pilots with high compatibility can use the AMS with little to no side effects. Exceptions do exist, however; Amazigh, a Lynx working for the MLF was known to be able to maintain a high degree of control over his NEXT despite his low compatibility; this however, resulted in enormous amounts of psychic stress, and also an increase in Kojima contamination in the environment around him, forcing him to fight alone. Most pilots with less than average AMS compatibility, like Malzel (Opening) and Don Colonel (Wonderful Body), tend to compensate for this by using high AP parts, and high ammunition count weaponry.


Some theorize that the AMS also doubles as a life-support system, allowing the pilot to survive the extreme G-Forces and physical abuse the pilot almost certainly goes through when operating a NEXT in a combat situation. The constant deceleration, acceleration, and directional changes that occur with Quick Boosting, Over Boosting, and standard dodging maneuvers in a NEXT would probably cause the pilot to pass out, become incapacitated, or simply beat him to death in real life, and it is possible that the AMS somehow increases the pilot's physical tolerance to allow him or her to pilot the NEXT safely. It is implied that NEXTS are largely (if not entirely) controlled by a LYNX's psychic abilities, and therefore a conventional cockpit with a manual interface would not be needed, so long as there is some way for the pilot to be neurally linked into the AC.

Further Development[]

Aspina's Contributions[]

Aspina, a research group, is dedicated to manipulating and increasing a pilots AMS. Certain test subjects have proven highly successful and highly skilled LYNX (Joshua O' Brian, Julius Emery, CUBE). Some test subjects, on the other hand, have become dangerous, and a liability to mission successes (Hari).


GA America also made some contributions to the AMS with their NEW-SUNSHINE project. Using Don Colonel as a catalyst, the NEW-SUNSHINE project allows pilots of low to average compatibility to develop top NEXT piloting ability. This also seems to hint that the psychic trait for AMS compatibility is not fixed, but something that can be developed - at least to a certain extent. The games state that humans are born with a certain degree of AMS compatibility. This could mean that there are limits to how much anyone is compatible with an AMS physically, but it is also possible for an average human to "learn" how to use the AMS to a certain degree. This would explain why Don Colonel, being an ex-Normal pilot, is able to pilot a NEXT at all.

Problems with AMS[]

The AMS system, despite its advantages, has some glaring problems resulting from the pilot's direct neurological connection with his or her craft. For one, NEXTS and other machines using AMS are entirely dependent on visual lock-on for weapon targeting. This results in NEXT lock-on abilities being severely limited in conditions where there is bad weather or very little light. Second, because the pilot is directly linked into his craft, the pilot's nervous system has the possibility of shutting down if their craft suffers critical damage, resulting in almost certain death with minimal chance of rescue or recovery.

Another issue is for those with lower compatibility, the amount a pilot is able to move their NEXT, and therefore combat ability, seems to correspond with their compatibility with the system; Roadie appears to be an exception, where he uses his combat experience as the source of his skill on the battlefield. Another problem that is seen is that Amazigh, being able to control his AC more than the limits of his low AMS compatibility might be the cause behind his NEXT releasing higher than normal amounts of Kojima Particles.


  • Allegorical, derived from Allegory, means a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.
  • The AMS has a vague resemblance to the Psycommu system, and other similar devices, from the Gundam Franchise.
  • The AMS bears similarities to Human PLUS from the previous generations in that wire their pilots directly to their AC's to give their machines enhanced abilities.