The Alliance Tactical Unit is the military arm of the Alliance's Organization in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Led by Evangel, they are the group responsible for carrying out mission assignments and deploying Ravens to further the interests of headquarters. The bulk of their forces are currently working to suppress Vertex and capture Circ-City.


  • Evangel - leader of the Alliance Tactical Unit, Evangel later switches sides, and either switches back, ends up dead, or lost. His AC specializes in solid weapon damage. His bounty is 97,000c.
  • Caspian - An important member of the Alliance's Tactical Unit, Caspian is one of their most highly regarded pilots. He prefers to fight in manners which can be considered unfair. He works for Alliance because he likes the pay. His bounty is 60,000c.
  • Jouster - A blind follower of the Alliance, Jouster would gladly lay down his life for their cause. Despite being inexperienced, he has exceptional combat instincts And has beaten a few Ravens in his short career. His bounty is 68,000c.
  • Mollycoddle - Using a AC modeled on former #1 Raven Genobee, Mollycoddle is a rather poor pilot who fails to take advantage of his AC's setup, and now serves the Alliance directly after being removed from the Tactical Unit by Evangel for his poor skills. It also seems that Zinaida is after him. His bounty is 55,000c.
  • Principal - The only female in the Tactical Unit, she joined because she believed the Alliance could offer her protection. Her bounty is 57,000c.
  • Triturate - Second in command of the Tactical Unit, Triturate is extremely loyal to Evangel which is probably the reason he is second in command, even switching sides with him. His bounty is 62,000c.


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