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Alpha - Emblem

Alpha's Emblem

Alpha is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 21st in the Arena.


Known for a merciless approach to combat, the pilot of this AC takes advantage of any openings an opponent leaves him, and makes them pay dearly for their mistakes.

AC Rising Sun[]

Rising Sun is a heavy armor tank AC equipped with a pair of bazookas as its main weapons and a dual back mounted grenade launcher, side solid shield extensions, a decoy dispenser, and an overboost core.

AC Rising Sun

AC Rising Sun


Alpha's fighting style is simple but effective: bury you under a storm of bazooka shots and grenades. Make the effort to evade as much as you can and stay out of his front. Despite its considerable firepower, Rising Sun's guns carry very limited ammunition; the dual grenade cannons can only be fired twelve times (in double volleys) and the bazookas do not have much more shells either. These weapons do not have particularly good effective range at that, so keeping your distance will work well to outlast this opponent until he runs dry and becomes harmless.