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"Damn mercenaries! I'll smash you!"
— Alwida to Fatman's Partner.
Alwida's Emblem
General information
Gender Female
Age 23
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation None
Occupation Mercenary
Craft Helios Heat
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day

Alwida is a female mercenary working for Venide who is encountered in Story Mission 2-5 of Armored Core: Verdict Day.


Origin: Brew City. Female, age 23. A mercenary under the employ of Venide, Alwida is in charge of Unit 12's 5th Assault Squad's operations and personnel.

Originally part of the Sirius border patrol forces, an outburst triggered by her short temper resulted in her subsequent removal. Though her skill was well attested, the months since her forced expulsion from Sirius's ranks saw a steady erosion of her mental state which left her actual combat readiness increasingly compromised. She will often charge into battle flustered and upset, which will often times lead to her getting into bad situations.

Killed in action at Route R1024 in combat against the Lone Mercenary.

AC: Helios Heat[]

Alwida's Armored Core, Helios Heat, is a lightweight bipedal equipped with a standard Thermal-resistant core, heavy KE dual-slot arms, a recon-spec lightweight KE head and high-load capacity lightweight bipedal legs. With high AP, defense and mobility, Helios Heat can take a beating and dish out in kind. However, in order to reach such a so high load capacity, the legs' armor is minimal, even for a lightweight, meaning the AC defense is low in almost every category.

Equipped with dual SHIRANAMI mdl.2 HEAT Howitzers, dual MURAKUMO mdl.1 physical blades and bomb dispensers, Helios Heat can down most AC's in no time. Despite this menacing presentation, her fiery disposition and her ability as a pilot, Helios Heat is a bit of a pushover, and falls rather easily in combat against the Lone Mercenary.

Helios Heat
Classification: Armored Core
Armored Core Verdict Day Screenshot 2016-06-08 10-04-05

Assembly Type


KE: 1080
CE: 204
TE: 1092


Head: KAGERO mdl.1
Core: MATSUKAZE mdl.3
Arms: AB-107D
Legs: Le2L-B-V15

Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit: Su-R-V04
R Arm Unit: SHIRANAMI mdl.2

Rapid Fire:

L Arm Unit: SHIRANAMI mdl.2

Rapid Fire:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: MURAKUMO mdl.1

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Bay Unit: MURAKUMO mdl.1

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

AP: 33910
Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:


Alwida, in her AC Helios Heat, will only appear once all of one set of the enemies encountered in the mission are destroyed, which--depending on the player's choice--can be either the group of sniper-type WETA AC's or the group of heavily-armored GOLEMs. Once either of the two enemy teams have been taken out, Alwida will take to the battlefield to take you out personally.

If there is one thing that should be noted: she's fast. Combining with this is the lethal dosage of damage she can deal with her dual HEAT Howitzers (twin mdl.2 SHIRANAMI's in particular; the second most powerful HEAT Howitzers available to the player after the more powerful Au-F-K16). Once you either get too close or she runs out of ammo, she will swap out for a pair of (fairly) formidable Murakumo physical blades, which can do surprising damage to an AC if she manages to hit them. Adding to this is her frequent abuse of her equipped bomb dispenser, which is able to deal a considerable amount of KE damage if the player's AC manages to get caught in the middle of a salvo, so evasion is necessary.

Once she is within visual range, have the able weapons to defeat her. Helios' CE and TE resistance are extremely poor, as is often the case with a lightweight model AC. This makes weapons like battle rifles, PMG's, Pulse guns, Plasma Guns, CE and Plasma Missiles, Laser Rifles, Blades, Piles and so on very effective against her.

To keep it short and simple, the player must keep her in their gunsights as much as possible as they fire away, but also make sure to dodge should she fire her Howitzers at them. Her durability is poor, but keep out of range of her weapons, especially her Howitzers--as repeated hits will drain the player's AP quickly. If the player has managed to port over saved data from Armored Core V, it will be far easier than with a junk AC, although it can work as well.

If it helps, a medium - to semi-long range craft with any of the weapons listed above, the longest range FCS currently in possession, along with high-power boosters and a Generator with good enough output will be enough. Also, being resistant to HEAT Howitzers is a must, but a mobile AC is paramount. It is recommended to equip a sniper-spec head (CE), a core with great energy conductivity, high-stability arms and fairly lightweight legs for the edge in mobility. Constantly keep her within your sights and batter her into oblivion with any weapon loadout you see fit. It won't be too long until she falls.


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