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Ambush Crest HQ Force is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Ambush Crest HQ Force

The Crest ACs approaching to battle The Raven.


Client: Crest

Details: Eliminate AC targets. Defeat ACs dispatched from Crest HQ

Advance: 0c

Reward: 82000c

Area: Lectus Plain Area 04

Remarks: --


Merc arriving

Merc entering the combat zone.


Operator:Enemy AC targets spotted.

Crest Operator:Deploying ACs.

AC System:Enemy unit detected. The unit is equipped with a blade, avoid close-range combat.

AC System:Enemy unit detected. The unit is equipped with a sniper rifle, avoid close-range combat.

AC System:Enemy reinforcements detected to the Southeast.

Operator:Watch it, Raven!

Operator:They've sent in another AC. Dispose of it, immediately.

AC System:AC Wily Tank identified. The unit is equipped with a heavy machine gun.


The first part of the mission will have you going up against 2 Crest ACs; a fast laser rifle firing mid biped and another sniper mid biped. While they aren’t dangerous per se, they can be a nuisance to deal with. The laser rifle biped will attempt to close in on you while repeatedly harrying you with gunfire, it’s best to take care of it quickly as absorbing too many hits can give you trouble later (there will be a 3rd AC that shows up). The sniper biped will hang back and attempt to shoot you with either its sniper rifle or pulse cannon, which it has to kneel to use.

As the 2 ACs are not at full AP, it’s best to use weapons such as laser rifles, bazookas & machine guns on them, they will fall rather quickly to heavy firepower. Once the 2 ACs are destroyed, Merc will appear. Compared to the 2 ACs, Merc is far more dangerous due to his weapon loadout & him being a tank which makes him a tough nut to crack, adding to the fact that he uses OP-INTENSIFY. He will often spray heavy machine gun fire while using his orbit cannons, grenade rifle or multi-missiles in conjunction with them, all of which are potentially dangerous.

The best way to deal with Merc is to use the CENTAUR dual back verts on him coupled with relay missile extensions. The missile salvos will overwhelm his anti-missiles & damage him significantly. Once you’re out of missiles, just finish him off with your other weapons.