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General information
Classification Unmanned war machine
Appearances Armored Core V
Armored Core: Verdict Day

Ammon are a species of Last Age automatons that infest the Contaminated Area in Armored Core V and various areas in Armored Core: Verdict Day. They are deployed by The Corporation and The Foundation, appearing throughout the Armored Core V universe as standard enemies.


Similar in size, if not slightly bigger than a standard Armored Core, Ammon have a spherical 'core' with four limbs at equidistant points, creating a squid-like appearance. The overall size of an Ammon's core and limbs depends on the variant, as does its behavior and weaponry. Ammon are fairly simple automatons, but have good KE defense. Rifles and shotguns can penetrate their armor, as can battle rifles, as long as they can be hit.


Ammon S[]

The Shooter Ammon uses a laser cannon as its primary means of attack. They can become stationary in mid-air to do sniping. They have a spiked barrel extending from thier 'core' section, and their arms are pointed forward like a claw.


  • AP: 4000
  • KE: 2000
  • CE: 200
  • TE: 200
  • Laser Cannon - TE weapon that fires a white/violet laser that is rated to cause 8000 damage, This weapon is its primary means of attack. It has a slow projectile speed making it easy to dodge at range, but caution must be given as the laser can adjust its trajectory after being fired.
  • Hatch Missile - Like the Ootheca, it fires volleys of 4 blue snake-like missiles from its limbs at enemies. The Ammon S deploys its missiles as a point defense against enemies that get too close to it.

Ammon S'[]

The Ammon S' is fairly similiar to the Ammon S, but sports longer tentacles and can strafe left and right. As opposed to a laser, the Ammon S"s primary weapon is a pulse cannon.

Ammon A[]

The Assault Ammon is a tough kamikaze drone. It is more heavily armored than an Ammon S and will suicidally launch itself at enemies, terminating in an explosion. Before it attacks, it will extend and spin its tentacles, giving an observant AC pilot plenty of time to dodge.
In Armored Core: Verdict Day, Assault Ammons get a sub-type and the ability to act as Land-Mines.


  • AP: 8000
  • KE: 2000
  • CE: 200
  • TE: 200

Ammon A'[]

The Ammon A' variant is a massive suicide drone and is usually encountered in pairs. Unlike its smaller brethren, the Ammon A' is not only faster, but also has far more AP, allowing it to take serious punishment before being destroyed. It will relentlessly chase an Armored Core until it gets close, upon which it will form its tentacles into a drill and charge at its target, detonating if it connects. The speed at which the Ammon A' charges makes it difficult to dodge, and it does not explode prematurely like the Ammon A does. Being struck by the Ammon A"s suicide attack can easily take off 10,000 AP, so it is critical to kill them before they can close in.


  • Along with other traits, the core of an Ammon is very similar to the Shooter cannons on the L.L.L..
  • Assault Ammon are similar to Unmanned Suicide Weapons or AMIDA due to the slight delay in detonating, although Ammons have a different method for detonating.
  • They could also be "Revised" Versions of the EX-DAGON from AC4, due to similiar purpose.