Amnesia is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #31 in the Arena.

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AC Name Mnemonic
Gender Male
Rank 31
Affiliation Nerves Concord
Appearance(s) Armored Core 2
AC Characteristics
Armor Points 6975
Weight 6986
Price 525500
Offensive Points 3533
Defensive Points 2329
Moving Speed 4870
OB Ability 2227
Grade Fair
Core Over Boost
Inside None
Extension Anti Missile
Back Unit R Small Rocket
Back Unit L Small Missile
Arm Unit R Laser Cannon
Arm Unit L Laser Cannon


Recently returned to the Arena after an accident in which he lost his memory. His skills, which are gradually returning, show how good he once was.

AC MnemonicEdit

Mnemoinc is a lightweight four-legged AC equipped with anti missile extensions, a small missile launcher, a small rocket launcher, dual laser cannon weapon arms and an overboost core. The unit is capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


His Laser Cannon Arms are the most dangerous weapon he owns. These can quickly rip apart an AC but with him being a quad, they reduce his energy very quickly. As long as you can avoid these shots; his missiles aren't that much of a threat. He is fairly fragile and should fall quickly.


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