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General information
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Rayleonard
Occupation Lynx
Rank Original # 3
Craft NEXT Orleans
Eras present National Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Voice actor English: Karen Strassman
Japanese: Yuko Kaida

Anjou is a Lynx appearing in Armored Core 4. She is ranked as the #3 Original and is one of Rayleonard's most experienced pilots. Hailed as the "Queen of close-range combat", Anjou is recognized as a master combatant. Operating independently and methodically, she manages to lure out and defeat a number of NEXT pilots within Hazen Facility. It is here where she is ultimately defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary.


Anjou is a capable Original who emerged from the National Dismantlement War as one of its greatest and most capable Lynx pilots. During this time period, she amassed the highest number of enemy kills taking out countless numbers of enemy Lynx using her signature MOONLIGHT blade. Rather than fight alongside fellow Rayleonard pilots, Anjou preferred solitary and independent combat. During the early events of the Lynx War, she operated solo and excelled in NEXT on NEXT combat. It is here where she most likely befriended Shinkai, a fellow Rayleonard pilot. The two pilots shared a commonality in their close range combat preference. As the Lynx War started coming to its close, her NEXT Orleans was defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary. While her NEXT was damaged in combat, some of its parts were passed down to Shinkai.


  • Jardin de Chavalier
    • "Anatolia's mercenary... I hear you're quite good."
    • "So you are skilled. Interesting!"
    • "This feeling...Here I come!"
    • (Upon Victory) "Either one of us could have won that. But battles are not won by luck."
    • (Laughs) "How you get there is unimportant; it's who stands last!"
    • (Upon Defeat) "Be proud. Consider that my parting gift."


Anjou is a formidable Lynx pilot in that she takes pleasure in the adrenaline rush of combat. As a survivor of the National Dismantlement War, she is shown as being respectful to her foes, judging them based on their piloting skills.

NEXT Orleans[]


NEXT Orleans

Orleans is an AALIYAH NEXT designed as a close quarters combat unit, more specifically to utilize its MOONLIGHT effectively. The FLICKER flash rockets are used to prevent the enemy from locking on to Orleans as it closes in. While the machine gun keeps enemies distracted for just a brief moment, it tends to be long enough to give her MOONLIGHT the opportunity to deliver the finishing blow. The Akvavit SULTAN plasma cannon is a long-range weapon which Orleans can use when unable to close in on targets.



NEXT Orleans Schematic


Anjou appears as an enemy during the mission Jardin de Chavalier. The mission takes place in GA America's Hazen Facility and provides little space for the player to move around. She is defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary.

In-Game Biography[]

  • In-Game Biography
    • An Original, and the queen of close-range combat. Countless top-rank Ravens fell before her custom great laser blade during the National Dismantlement War.


Due to the confined space in which Anjou is encountered, it is quite difficult to effectively counter her attacks when using a long range NEXT. As a result using high powered close combat weapons can defeat her if you can avoid her MOONLIGHT. Grenades, machine guns, shotguns, or even rockets can be used while quickboosting away from her to deal damage. Blade combat is ill advised as she uses an FCS specifically designed for blade combat and wields the most powerful laser blade in the game, the MOONLIGHT. If piloting a NEXT optimized for the use of laser blades, use them and equip high output Quick Boosters to dodge her blade charge then counterattack. Also (if available) a Cerberus physical blade will make short work of Anjou should it make contact.

If the player would like to defeat Anjou easily, it is possible to stay within the small starting area and use high-powered weaponry. The only trick to this is that one must basically try and convince her to come into the same area while she quickly boosts side to side in front of the opening. But once she's in it is easy to take her health down with a barrage of OGOTO or YAMAGA fire or to end the mission even quicker to use a Kojima weapon based NEXT equipped with MADNESS arms and an INSOLENCE equipped to charge and shoot at the same time.

A third method is to wait until you see the lines appear on the door and simply use the RAJM while standing in front of the door. if successful, she should be on the other side of the map, giving her death speech.



  • The Lynx name Anjou is the name of a former county, duchy, and province centered in the city of Angers in the lower Loire Valley of Western France. This suggests the fact that the pilot Anjou is French.
  • The NEXT name Orleans is the name of a city in north-central France. It is also the name applied to the House of Orléans, a name used by several branches of the Royal House of France.
  • In the English version, Anjou speaks with a French accent, which reflects her NEXT's name and the name of the mission she appears in.
  • Her name may be a mistranslation error seeing as how her status points towards Ankou, a french skeleton that watched graves while carrying a lantern and scythe.