General information
Japanese nameアンサラー (Ansarā)
ClassificationArms Fort
ManufacturerInterior Union and Omer Science Technology
EquipmentAssault Armor, Hi Laser cannons, Kojima cannons, Kojima missiles, missiles, Primal Armor
AffiliationThe League of Ruling Companies
Real world information
Mechanical designerMakoto Kobayashi
AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT"
Armored Core Designs 4 & for Answer

The Answerer is a gargantuan floating Arms Fort produced by the Interior Union and Omer Science Technology. The AF is state-of-the-art, armed with the latest in Kojima technology such as Kojima cannons, Kojima missiles, and Assault Armor as well as conventional missiles and Hi Laser cannons. Its super Primal Armor makes it impervious to long-range attacks and renders ineffective most NEXT-grade weaponry besides blades and few other weapons. Heavy armor is used to protect its core; however, the outer shell is composed of lighter armor to reduce the AF's weight.


The League of Ruling Companies deploys the Answerer during the final stages of the war between them and ORCA.[1]

Shortly after ORCA leader Maximilian Thermidor's defeat by Wynne D. Fanchon and Strayed at Arteria Cranium, the AF destroys a group of ORCA's Jet AFs gathered at Old Peace City.[2]

Strayed destroys it at Old Peace City under ORCA leader Maximilian Thermidor's order.[3]


The Answerer appears in Armored Core: For Answer. Should the player follow the mission path for Ending 1, then the AF appears in the cutscene following "Defend Arteria Cranium". If the player instead pursues Ending 2, then the Answerer becomes the penultimate boss, requiring the player to destroy it in "Defeat AF Answerer". 900,000c are rewarded to the player upon completion of the mission. On Hard Mode, the Answerer's high Kojima Particle output will continuously deplete the player NEXT's Primal Armor.

Completing "Defeat AF Answerer" on Xbox 360 unlocks the AF Answerer achievement.


Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Armored Core Designs 4 & for AnswerEdit



  • The Answerer's real-life designer is Makoto Kobayashi, a mecha designer and anime director known for works such as Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam where he designed the mechas PMX-003 The-O and the RMS-108 Marasai. Kobayashi is also responsible for designing another Armored Core: For Answer Arms Fort, the Cabracan.
  • Answerer's Assault Armor can sometimes be disabled by destroying the "spikes" hanging down from the ball-like lower core section.


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