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Antares is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age and serves as a quasi-antagonist.


Antares' AC


A Martian Raven, Antares is considered a highly skilled fighter and feared by many. He comes to Earth for unknown reasons. He gives the Raven an assignment which required the elimination of the security force guarding the Earths orbital elevator Rapture. After this is done, he takes control of it. The Raven is then contracted by the Earth Government to take him out; despite being protected by two other Ravens and numerous security forces, he is killed in action. He is encountered in the mission Free Rapture Orbit Elevator and is the one who requests the mission Destroy Security Detail.

AC Dies Irae[]


AC Dies Irae

Dies Irae is a two-legged AC equipped with back booster extensions, ground torpedoes, middle missile launcher, laser rifle, laser blade and an overboost core. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire blade waves. The unit is capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


For a “final boss” AC battle, Antares is somewhat a pushover compared to the other enemies fought previously, but if you take him too lightly you’d be in trouble.

After taunting you, Antares will launch himself in the air to fire his ground torpedoes at you. Be sure to have some missile defense or avoid them manually as the torpedoes do back a punch if they connect. After shooting a few of those, he will then start blazing away with his laser rifle (minisawa). While that weapon isn’t as damaging as the Karasawa, its high fire rate & stun can prove annoying to dodge the shots. He will also occasionally shoot middle missiles at you but they can be easily avoided.

As a PLOW user, Antares is no exception to taking to the air to evade or attack. He will frequently use overboost to try & gain ground on you so try not to lose sight of him. In addition, he has back booster extensions that enables him to evade head-on blade attacks, making it difficult to land blade hits on him, though it’s still possible to blade him if he’s not facing you. If he finds himself unable to use his back boosters, then he will retaliate with his blade (beware that his blade can fire 3 blade waves when used with PLUS).

For dealing with him, it’s preferable to use shell weapons on Antares as his AC parts are tuned for energy defense. Weapons such as missiles, rockets, bazookas & sniper rifles are effective against him. For PLUS users, Antares is cannon fodder for chain guns & grenade launchers.

It’s also advisable to keep him away from his partner Carlyle when engaging Antares, as Carlyle will continually poke you in the back while you’re occupied, often chipping away at you and also trying to blade you.

Overall, Antares is considered moderate talent at best, and might give trouble to some newcomers, but can be easily outworked by experienced pilots.



  • Despite being an "antagonist," no reason is ever given for his actions nor is it ever explained.
  • His AC's name means "Day of wrath" in Latin.
  • Antares is the name of the fifteenth-brightest star in the night sky, and the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius. This star is also known as Alpha Scorpii.