Armored Core: Brave New World is a Japanese written novel produced and shown in the "Dengeki Hobby" magazine every month.


Brave New World tells the story of the main character and her life as an AC pilot. The story begins when the Raven is a young child; she loses her family during a civil war in Japan. She is then raised by a veteran A.C pilot, known as Raven "13" and trained in the ways of AC piloting. As she ages, she teams up with her mentor's daughter Sesia, a brilliant operator, and the duo adopt the name "Double Heart".


For now, not much is known about the characters except Double Heart. However, the prominent AC's from the novel can be seen throughout the PSP remakes of the Armored Core games Armored Core 3, Silent Line: Armored Core, and Armored Core: Last Raven. These include:


Armored Core Mavors
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  • Although most of the ACs seen in Brave New World are from the AC3 Universe, various other units make an appearance such as the LAHIRE and ALICIA from ACFA and Nineball Seraph from Armored Core: Master of Arena.
  • The pilot of AZ-03 shares the same name as Rosenthal's pilot NO. 27, Michael F.
  • It can be speculated that this story takes place in an alternate universe, as it has been officially stated by From that the AC3-LR and the AC4-FA eras are not canonically connected.
  • As shown, each AC has a unique piece of equipment. They include:
    • AC Mavors: Head Part GLITCH
    • AC Wiktoria: Head Part ARSH (a.k.a BUTTERFLY)
    • AC Forocus: Head Part MHD-72-50 (a.k.a SCARAB)
    • AC's AZ-01, AZ-02, and AZ-03: ISHANATEN Shield.
      • Note: Each of the exclusive parts listed appear respectively in each game they appear in are gained upon the enemies' defeat.