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Order Matches are the game's version of the Arena.


Rank Image Lynx NEXT In-game description
Order Match preview Stasis
Otsdarva Stasis Formerly from Rayleonard, this is Omer's trump card. His home is the battlefield, where he developed ingenious battle strategies. His mid-range attack style ignores all limitations of his LAHIRE frame, evidence of his estrangement from Omer.
Order Match preview Ambient
Lilium Wolcott Ambient A female Lynx who inherited the prestigious Wolcott name. She is the new princess of Wong Shao-Lung's treasured BFF, but her graceful disposition sets her apart from the late Mary Shelley. She pilots a frontline, offensive craft.
Order Match preview Reiterpallasch
Wynne D Fanchon Reiterpallasch Interior's female Lynx, often referred to as "GA's disaster". Also known as the "Brass Maiden" by many frontline soldiers. Her craft, the Reiterpallasche, is lightweight but strikes hard. An aggressive Lynx who is famous for never failing a mission.
Order Match preview Feedback
Roadie Feedback An experienced pilot who continues to pilot an outdated craft armed with bazookas. He makes up for a low AMS aptitude with battle experience. He is one of the few survivors from the Lynx War and one of GA's top Lynx.
Order Match preview Noblesse Oblige
Gerald Gendlin Noblesse Oblige He is the successor to Noblesse Oblige, regarded as the symbol of Rosenthal. Its shoulder equipped multi-lasers unleash astounding firepower. High AMS aptitude and mental stability make Gerald an ideal Lynx for the League's ranks.
Order Match preview Les Annees Folles
Stiletto Les Annees Folles An Original from the Dismantlement War. She pilots the same Energy Focused Tank Type craft that she did in the Lynx War. After the war, she played a pivotal role in Interior's rush to power. Her combat style is simple and reliable.
Order Match preview My Bliss
Roy Saaland My Bliss This Lynx is the highest ranked independent mercenary affiliated with Collared. He's a plain and emotionless man, but his craft is a rare HILBERT model, formerly piloted by Aldra. He utilizes his craft's heavy weaponry with deadly efficiency.
Order Match preview Strix Quadruped
Wong Shao-Lung Strix Quadruped This Lynx is shrouded in mystery, save for his connection with the BFF and his old age. He pilots a four-legged long range sniping craft, and refuses to stray from his support combat style, unchanged from the Dismantlement War.
Order Match preview White Glint
Unknown (Anatolia's Mercenary) White Glint A Lynx affiliated with the anti-League power Line Ark. Hers is an original craft by the master Architect Abu Marshe. Although still Rank 9, she is well known as a top class NEXT. She took down an entire company solo during the Lynx War.
Order Match preview Krasnaya
Hari Krasnaya One of the higher ranked independent mercenaries. Although he's a combat genius, he can only fight for short periods of time due to his unique AMS aptitude. He may have once have been affiliated with Aspina.
Order Match preview Transcend
Dario Empio Transcend This Rosenthal Lynx has made his name known in recent years. He's ambitious and power hungry, and not afraid to show it. Transcend is based on new standard model LANCEL parts and features a wide array of weaponry, making it quite versatile.
Order Match preview Ruler
Risaia Ruler A female Lynx from Omer. Although only rank 12, she is trusted with many key operations. Her NEXT, dubbed Ruler, is geared for offense, utilizing support boosters to enable lightning-fast maneuvers.'
Order Match preview Blind Bold
Jan Blind Bold An Aldra Lynx who has been involved since the Lynx War. His craft, Blind Bold, has been modified to fit Aldra's first full frame. A former soldier for the national military, he knows his stuff, and he has the firepower to prove it.
Order Match preview Moroz
Irbis Ornstein Moroz The former commander of the Bharat special forces unit, this Algebra Lynx is said to be on par with other high rankers. He has been the decider in many a Global Armaments battle, but his Order Match win ratio leaves much to be desired.
Order Match preview Red Rum
Shamir RaviRavi Red Rum This Lynx is often called "Algebra's Femme-Arachnid". She pilots an insect-like four-legged craft with a slug gun and other slug based weaponry. Best in her element, she loves to get the drop on enemies in adverse battlefield situations.
Order Match preview Rai-Den
Takafumi Arisawa Rai-Den The 43rd president of Arisawa Heavy Industries, some call him "Shadow Warrior". He searches for an opponent for his beloved craft, Rai-Den. His craft is the driving force behind all Arisawa technology, a heavy tank-type armed with grenades. He is the first president of Arisawa to see combat.
Order Match preview Fragile
CUBE Fragile A cyborg and test pilot affiliated with Aspina. Primarily used for data collection, it has seen many a battle. Its craft, Fragile, is a high speed machine that emphasizes air combat. Many a Lynx has fallen to its inhuman piloting ability.
Order Match preview Merrygate
May Greenfield Merrygate A female Lynx affiliated with GA, she pilots a standard biped called Merrygate. She packs quite a bit of firepower with her missiles, which is why her support is valued and respected. Her nickname, "Smiley," comes from her distinctive emblem.
Order Match preview Starka
Do Su Starka Technocrat's one and only Lynx. He pilots a lightweight craft, but uses a large Algebra-manufactured physical blade as a weapon. As such, he possesses enough attack power to destroy almost any enemy craft in an instant.
Order Match preview Vero Nork
Ay-Pool Vero Nork An Interior female Lynx. Vero Nork features arm-mounted weaponry. It's design hasn't changed much since the Lynx War. A support unit, her craft isn't particularly powerful, but if you can't dodge her AS missiles, you're in for a world of hurt.
Order Match preview Double Edge
Kamisori Johnny Double Edge An independent mercenary. He's a famous architect, known for rather unique design theories. He pilots a lightweight biped craft and loves to get in close and utilize a Kojima blade he borrowed from Omer.
Order Match preview Canis
Canis Savage Beast A young Lynx who pilots a well balanced middleweight biped. Technically independent, but has close ties to Rosenthal. Unlike his big-mouthed tendency, he's known for choosing missions carefully. This makes his illustrious combat record difficult to assess.
Order Match preview Buccaneer
Francois-Neris Buccaneer Leader of the independent mercenary squadron, Corsair. In Northern Africa there are many other similar rogue groups; but Corsair is highly renowned due to Francois' affiliation. His craft is a lightweight tank equipped with laser weaponry.
Order Match preview Wonderful Body
Don Colonel Wonderful Body A former Normal unit, he climbed his way up the ladder from GA's army. His AMS compatibility isn't much to brag about. But he was the catalyst for the NEW-SUNSHINE project, allowing pilots of his level to develop top NEXT combat ability.
Order Match preview Scarlet Fox
Wis Scarlet Fox A young Lynx who was only recently ranked by Collared. He pilots a red, reverse-legged craft tuned for close combat. This fourth generation Lynx cooperates with Rank 26 Yei as he seeks opportunities to expand his battle potential.
Order Match preview Emerald Raccoon
Yei Emerald Raccoon An up and coming independent mercenary. He has made a name for himself through joint operations with the Rank 25 Wis. The Emerald Raccoon, is equipped with a standard long range combat loadout: highly accurate missiles and a sniper rifle.
Order Match preview No Count
Patch the Good Luck No Count This independent mercenary has more history on the field of battle than most, piloting a strange looking reverse-legged craft. His favored combat strategy is to snipe from the air or from concealed locations to catch his opponents off guard.
Order Match preview Celebrity Ash
Dan Moro Celebrity Ash An independent mercenary who often works with GA. His craft, named after an old comic book hero, is suitable for all around combat. However, he's been reprimanded for a general lack of motivation that causes trouble on the battlefield. His skills as a mercenary are often in doubt and he has been known to overreact time and time again.
Order Match preview Karyon
Mrs. Theresia Karyon This Original has been in action since the Dismantlement War. This female Lynx is rumored to have taken on a few "dirty" jobs during TORUS' formation, setting her apart from other LYNX. She pilots a rare, former GAE four-legged craft.
Order Match preview Killdozer
Champion Champs Killdozer This mercenary is not affiliated with any company. He pilots a dismantling machine with steel bulldozer like arms. His craft is primarily tuned for demolition jobs. As a result, he does not fare well in Order Matches.


Unlocks after completing mission Destroy Arteria Ulna

Rank Image Lynx NEXT In-game description
Order Match preview Unsung
Maximilian Thermidor Unsung This Leader of ORCA pilots a crimson reverse-legged craft. He fights to carry out the Closed Plan in Rayleonard's stead. Equal part romanticist, visionary, and passionate demagogue. A complex, if not divided man, he is one of the original five.
Order Match preview Gachirin
Neo Nidus Gachirin This elder LYNX has deep connections to former Akvavit, and is one of the original five. Renowned for his extremely high AMS compatibility and clever tactics, his experimental, TORUS developed craft is equipped with a fearsome assault cannon.
Order Match preview Asterism
Julius Emery Asterism An elite Lynx within Aspina, she is also referred to as the second coming of Joshua O'Brien. She joined and remained affiliated with Rayleonard during the ensuing chaos following the Lynx War. One of the first five, and the only female Lynx in ORCA.
Order Match preview Lisa
Old King Lisa Led the former armed rebel group Liliana. Isolating himself from other ORCA to maintain his 'outsider' status, his Algebra based reverse-legged is armed with a heavy shotgun. Rumored to be connected with #2 Sadhana.
Order Match preview Split Moon
Shinkai Split Moon An authentic Rayleonard Lynx, the only survivor. He uses special parts passed down to him from his comrade, Anje. His heavy assault craft utilizes a high powered laser blade. A quiet man, he doesn't stand out. One of the original five.
Order Match preview Gleditsia
Vaoh Gleditsia An unbelievably powerful fighter, his thick shelled tank type craft, Gleditsia, can quickly deliver overwhelming firepower with twin gatling guns. After being discovered by Malzel, Vaoh accompanies him everywhere.
Order Match preview Opening
Malzel Opening Second in command of ORCA, and trusted friend of Thermidor, this young strategist formed ORCA with support from Omer Science Technology, while secretly plotting for the execution of the Closed Plan. His AMS aptitude is reportedly quite poor.
Order Match preview Gray Gloom
Totient Gray Gloom A Lynx who was once in Collared's top 10 ranking. Realizing that he wouldn't live much longer, he joined ORCA. His fighting style, which relies on heavily reinforced Assault Armor, exposes enemies to risky, almost suicidal maneuvers.
Order Match preview Yoroi Mogura
PQ Yoroi Mogura This Lynx pilots a heavy reverse-legged craft. Renowned for clearing the Andes of guerrilla fighters, he has an edge in chaotic battles, quietly waiting to deliver the fatal blow. "Yoroi Mogura" is the name of his beloved pet.
Order Match preview Krasnaya ORCA
Hari Krasnaya One and the same as the Collared Rank 10, Hari, seduced and summarily betrayed by Malzel. A short history on the battlefield and a habit of wiping out every thing in sight have allowed this Lynx to slip under Collared's radar.
Order Match preview Big Barrel
Buppa Zu Gan Big Barrel Piloting a unique four-legged craft and calling himself the "Hunter," he prefers sniping from long distances. The big barreled Kojima cannon slung over his right shoulder can easily take out a lightweight NEXT in a single blast.
Order Match preview Ferrum Solidus
Luster 18 Ferrum Solidus An experienced middle-aged Lynx. Although a Lynx of the lowest rank, his abilities are equivalent to that of even the highest ranked pilots. His heavyweight bipedal craft, Ferrum Solidus, utilizes additional PA rectifiers and is quite tough.
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