The Formula Front League is the "Arena" in the Armored Core: Formula Front universe and consists of multiple leagues. An exhibition match consisting of all leagues becomes available once all teams are beaten.

B-League (Formula Bottom-03)Edit

Known as the bottom league, this is where the player starts. Only five teams are in this particular league. Upon defeating all five teams, an class A license is obtained, allowing for competition in the R-League.

Rank Team u-AC
1 VR Warrior V.R. Expert
2 Tuina Syuten
3 Bombardement Stier
4 Eternity Bastion
5 PPP-O Pop Shooter

R-League (Formula Regular)Edit

Rank Team u-AC
1 Arti Sforzato
2 Neonia Tyrant Alpha
3 DSBM Vast Violet
4 Master Fund Ambitious
5 F&F AS-Model 04
6 AT Icarus Sky Cleaver
7 AF Kisaragi Basara
8 Crest ind. CR-ZNV
9 Regulus Freesia
10 Big Bone BBPS-Ver5
11 Mirage Works LH01L-RAC
12 Ogre Gigant 01
13 Dominion CM Phenotype/T
14 Prominent MG Heat Hail
15 Cutting Edge Fibro
16 Nehan Gren
17 Di Mattina Stultzo
18 Juvenile Pepper Art
19 Goliath FT YLF01-Chelon
20 Inferno Seiten
21 Bottom CLSTR One Shot
22 A.S.G. Leader Red
23 Blitzkrieg Hetzer
25 AR Tour Team Cocoon
26 Ornithopter White Paper
27 TMC Ironwall Harmony VIII
28 Veleno Infila
29 Back Gate BG-F99/AI
30 BT Wyvern Force Wing


Upon beating the R-League, the Exhibition matches become available. It consists of teams from various leagues. This is available only in Formula Front International.

Rank League Team u-AC
1 B-03 PPP-O Pop Shooter
2 B-03 Eternity Bastion
3 B-03 Tuina Syuten
4 B-03 Bombardement Stier
5 B-03 VR Warrior V.R. Expert
6 R-League Neonia Neo Tyrant Alpha
7 R-League Ogre Giant 0001
8 R-League BT Wyvern Force Wing X
9 X-League Sonic Blast Storm Wind
10 X-League Juvenile White Lie
11 X-League Observers Koto
12 X-League LD Barkes DBS
13 X-League Owlet Eye Magnify
14 X-League H&C Barkes Lord E.
15 X-League Hals RS HRS Drei
16 X-League FT Alias Deneb
17 X-League A.S.G. Rush Green
18 X-League FC Oldow Courtesy
19 X-League C.A. Sol al fine
20 X-League DSBM Huge Violet
21 X-League Taika Koryu
22 X-League Mirage Works LT02-KR2
23 X-League CREST ind. CR-17ARGR
24 X-League AF Kisaragi Kubira
25 X-League NW Roadster Crysteria
26 X-League Black Wolf Halberd
27 M-League FM-Guardians Maximum R
28 M-League FM-Guardians Maximum N
29 M-League FM-Guardians Maximum F
30 M-League FM-Guardians Maximum H
31 FROM Ide AI Lab. EN
32 FROM Chef Eguchi Genovese
33 FROM FT URock!! Nutcracker
34 FROM The Nakajimas Sandwich man
35 FROM Factory MADE Anticraft
36 W-League Gear Front Hayabusa
37 W-League Ant-Lions Aunt-Lion
38 W-League Inheritors Spliner T3
39 W-League Tokino666 Obscur
40 W-League Mid My Crow+
41 W-League Legend of AC Nine Breaker
42 W-League Random Gate Blast Bishop
43 W-League Neo Crown Sweet Memory
44 W-League Zipangu Mind's eye
45 W-League Astrale Akashic I
46 W-League Fragment Mixed Bright
47 W-League Miyabi Shizuku
48 W-League Homura Homura
49 W-League Madara Madara
50 W-League FSL Runes Sierranevada
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