The Armored Core: Last Raven Arena is composed of the VR Arena and the EX Arena.


Armored Core: Last Raven has two types of Arenas: VR and EX. The VR Arena is more of the standard Arena concept with one difference: you can lose money if you lose a match. The EX Arena doesn't have this stipulation but the only reward for defeating the Ravens here is unlocking their emblem.

VR ArenaEdit

Since the absence of Raven's Ark or any organization to organize the Ravens, the arena is replaced by the VR Arena, VR meaning virtual reality.The VR Arena is available at the start of the game. It is composed 30 AI-controlled ACs. The opponents are fought in designated areas which cannot be changed. Some parts are unlocked as a reward for defeating specific AI ACs.


Rank AI Ranker Armored Core
1st Daemon Lucifer

Moody M.

3rd Moonlight Neon Might
4th Susanoo April Fool's
5th Code: Crimson Baby's Breath
6th Certainty Grim Beast
7th BJ Cascade Range
8th Barry Manx B.Boss
9th Caricature Life Is Mine
10th Crezner Broken Stone
11th Sir Fire Dirty Slime
12th Big Fat Daddy Paradiso
13th -1 Quartz Clock
14th Reverse Scarlet Spider
15th Flip-Flop 0-Micron
16th Warlord Ticktock
17th Mr. Keepless Jetter
18th Prilissa Merciless
19th Zorro-X Rabbit's Foot
20th Mal & Dal Jackpot
21st No. 2448 Crow Predator
22nd Gabe Glow Bad-News
23rd Tank Allure Killer Beagle
24th Toothpick Fracture
25th Genie Ninja
26th Leandro Warp Time
27th Aubrey Vion Relic II
28th A.U.Rick Marigold
29th Quota Alie
30th Ska Trigger Happy 99

EX ArenaEdit

After completing the game, the EX Arena opens up. This allows you to battle the Ravens you killed in missions for their emblems. It is composed of 21 Ravens (26 Ravens in the Portable Version).


Raven Armored Core
Evangel Oracle
G. Faust Panzer Messiah
Caspian Ragin Torrent
Green Horn Hotspur
Jack-O Foxeye
Jouster Heaven's Ray
Cerberus Garm Niflheim
Mollycoddle Pinch Beck
Mumu Metis
Sorcerer Banshee
Shade Stratus
Principal Sundial
Bolt Thunderstrike
Rim Fire Bullet Life
Triturate Vigilance
Vola-Volant Sudden Drop
Wanton Busker Gambit
Crow Sight Hawk
Zinaida Fascinator
Zuben El Genubi South Nail
Omega Clown Face
Isami Jash* AZ01
Michael.F* AZ02
Nina* AZ03
R* Fool
M-Young* Negative Axolotl

* only appear in Armored Core: Last Raven Portable and are unlocked individually after completing certain endings.


Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEdit

VR ArenaEdit

EX ArenaEdit


  • Some ACs in the VR Arena are the Cover ACs of previous games.
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