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Consisting of approximately 50 Ravens (including the player character), it was split up into two sections: the Arena and the Sub-Arena. The lower half of the opponents in the Sub-Arena only appear after you have beaten the story. In order to participate in the Arena, a Raven first had to find a sponsor, then enter the Sub-Arena. Upon defeating all Ravens, he or she would be able to go to the Arena.

There is also a bonus EX Arena consisting of four separate Arenas with different leg types.

The Arena[]

Rank Raven AC
1 Hustler One Nine-Ball
2 Pandora Tragedy
3 Max Great S.
4 No. 03627 P27
5 Rob Sleek
6 POW.H Auto
7 Carson Albatross
8 Pascal Charger
9 Brothers Double Take
10 Fayde Shadow Master
11 Spin Kid Bad Moon
12 Sherbert FOG 3
13 Bug Collector Swallow Tail
14 Prime The Wolf
15 William Icy Blue


Raven AC
Ninya Stalker
Sweet Devil Evil Kiss
Fritz Barrel
LD Poison Tail
Hyptismo Haunted
Bugzy Hercules
Inky Regulon
Armadillo Hard Scale
Superb Hunter Super Bow
Flash Light Maker
Maeve FOG 2
Frog Man Lucky Hopper
Ideal Goldy
Locagos Toll-Keeper
Noble Starmine
Advantage Shield IX
Stunt Rider Funky Flyer
Bibs Speedy Rig
Blaster Diamond Wing
Triad Protector
Ivy Arachnid
Decorator Floro-Glo
Blitz Fighter
Top Cap Track King
Evolve Orders
Welder FOG 4
Fletch Cool Wind
Bomber Rain Bomb
Flipper Junk Bit
Bolt Peregrine
Target Dead On
Gryphon Nails
Libra Tightrope
No Problem Angst
Player character -

EX Arena[]

A bonus segment consisting of four separate Arenas with different leg types. In order to participate in one of these Arena you need to be equipped with the same leg type as the Arena. As the player proceeds through the game more Extra Arenas are unlocked. There also is a custom Arena in which the player can fight against their own AC designs.

Humanoid Leg Arena[]

Humanoid Legged ACs Only

Rank Raven AC
1 Ernst Phoenix
2 Moon Crescent Ib
3 Vlad Fallen Fortune
4 D. Deep No Line
5 Rianon Cthtraeth
6 Adverse Power V2
7 Invisible Q Bounty
8 Seafarer Conquistador
9 Zweit Wieder
10 Player character -

Reverse Joint[]

Reverse Joint Legged ACs Only

Rank Raven AC
1 Dynamite Blockbuster
2 Kroeger Primate
3 RT Takeoff
4 Trust Unfold
5 Bloom Blue Petal
6 Pest Red Petal
7 Swimmer Odd Fish
8 Strangle Bulky Hand
9 Pellen 45
10 Player character -

Four Legs[]

Four Legged ACs Only

Rank Raven AC
1 Tall Spot Wild Fin
2 Searcher No Limit
3 Karl Blood Lizard
4 Lynx Minx Kitten
5 Proverbio Terror
6 Solitude Ancient
7 Depiction Smoke
8 Orbit Colossus
9 Dual Assault Micro Satellite
10 Player character -


Caterpillar ACs Only

Rank Raven AC
1 Tread Commander
2 Milo Ragnor
3 Bullet Powder Magazine
4 Scorch Energy Shell
5 Hound Fenrir
6 Moby Wrath
7 DOUBLE57 Darkness
8 Warren Chariot
9 Artemis Pressure
10 Player character -


FROM Software Employee ACs

Rank Raven AC
1 Jin Chief Director
2 Karasawa Blossom
3 Nabeshima Gas Gold
4 Okamura Skier
5 Kawate Highlander
6 Kamimura Speed Demon
7 Kani CRAB. H
8 Koho's Pale Noel
9 Suzuki Blue Demon
10 Player character -


Japanese magazine publishers' AC.

Raven AC
Third Generation Red Hooligan
Yahata PandemoniumOmega
Tsubasa Atom Splitter
Kobei Maniac Nurse
Samarai DOR-EMN
Dengeki Fuuga Robo-Bunny
Dengeki Tokkii Version D
Dengeki Maoh Avalon
Dengeki Hagewin Toy Soldier
Dengeki Kimitan Black Cat
Hyper A17-mkIII
Hyper Blue Flame Ver.1
Hyper Blue Flame Ver.2
Hyper W FANG
Hyper PAK1998
Famitsu HANAGe X
Famitsu Nabe Kogeta
Famitsu Mochi Kogeta
Famitsu Hanimaru
Famitsu Sigma
Famitsu Taro Mikami No. 1
Famitsu Jiro Mikami V3
Famitsu Saburo Mikami Amazon
Famitsu Shiro MikamiMan
Famitsu Goro Mikami Black
Hakaiou Black Dragon
Hikooki Blue Wind
Kongoki Solid
Destroyer Ryuuketsu Sanji
Fire Demon Shyder
Player character -


Japanese ACPP tournament ACs.

Raven AC
Nanano RNG Well Ell
Izumo Makoto Anubis Nishiki
Tokugawa Issei Big Shogun
YOU Paradise Lost
Zaki Gila
Darkhawk Steel Hawk
Hibiki Reine Morrian
Yomotsu Cain Automaton Elaine
Ausraze Freelancer
SUU HM-ice
Freddy Crow Hunter
ACE Teifwald
Efene Hi-Jihad
Doll NIght Sword
Player character -


Extra difficult AC Arena.

Rank Raven AC
1 Napoleon Subjugator
2 Fokker One-on-One
3 Masquerade Witch
4 Feint FOG 5
5 Clover Equation
6 Adler FOG 1
7 Freeway First Lady
8 Eddy M. Blackhole
9 Patch Parsec
10 Fackel Unicorn
11 ONZE Missed Shot
12 Gabrielle Angel
13 Firecracker Concussion
14 Phreak Double Fear
15 Phantom Nightwalker
16 Detective Mr. Big
17 EX300 SVC-4500
18 Dangerous B Relic
19 Wataru Tea-Bagger
20 Player character -
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