The Nexus Arena is composed of 32 Ravens and increases and decreases based on the player's action in the story.


The arena is tied into the story and each arena match helps progress the story. The ranking system in the arena mode changed from Raven Rank to a Points system which also tied into completing missions from which you get points, also with successful Arena victories. Every time a Raven is killed in the story, he or she is removed from the rankings and is sometimes replaced by a new Raven who starts at the bottom.


Rank Raven Armored Core
1st Genobee Dual-Face
3rd Dr. ? Brainwash
4th Celestial Astro-Physics
5th Jack-O Foxeye
6th Crow Sight Hawk
7th Bolt Thunderstrike
8th Merc Wily Tank
9th Pin Fire Bullet Life
10th Principal Sundial
11th Tatara Zanba
12th Zabas  Scarlet Skull
13th Turmoil Brimstone
14th Starstruck Dazzle
15th Caspian Raging Torrent
16th Snap Kraken
17th Trasher Ferrum Slave
18th Vernhunt Great Den
19th Queen Crafty Watcher
20th Bail Out Ruin
21st The Duke Blood Pledge
22nd H/O/Z Inferno
23rd Pascal-888 Catfish
24th Oscillate Fury
25th Corpse Fool Dark Charm
26th Castoff Sad Smile
27th Triturate Vigilance
28th Ms. Wheeling Talisman
29th Ammo Birth Bomb
30th Call Limit Hot Rod
31st The Raven -
Unranked Agitator Fireburst
Unranked Moody Moon Portal
Unranked Mystic Bell
Unranked Ω Clown Face
Unranked Rim Fire Bullet Life
Unranked Rooster Squawk Box
Unranked Shaky Peacemaker


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