The Nine Breaker Arena is composed of 30 Ravens.



Rank Raven Armored Core
1st Etzam Nar Proto Exus
2nd Warlord Goliath
3rd First Star Solar Nine
4th Even Chance Leaf
5th Trance Terpsichore
6th Ten Ton Destroyer
7th Wry Ellis
8th Ortlinde Bernese
9th Starks Subterfuge
10th Fastidious Lullaby-M
11th Bull C's Requiem
12th Mr. Big G-Blaze
13th ABYSS Blood Feud
14th Center Fire Living Shell
15th Lucky Star Flare
16th Half Moon S-Fil
17th Balsa Mina Gun Burst
18th Ms. Mary MMM
19th Grave-P Spider Crowe
20th Poco A Poco Cachet
21st Alpha Rising Sun
22nd Rich Stitch Tablet
23rd Flyboy Spitfire
24th Jellybean I-Wish
25th Surge Iron Horse
26th OBORO Haze
27th Escalate Elf Fire
28th Kukulcan Drone
29th B-Billy DB
30th Nebra Cast-Off
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