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The Arena is made up of 49 Ravens (not including the Raven).


The second concept of the Arena in an Armored Core game, the Arena in Project Phantasma featured 50 combatants including the player. These combatants were never encountered in the game though and were only a way of developing skills and money through AC vs AC combat.


The name from left is english version while the right one is japanese version.

Rank Raven Armored Core
1st Necron / Empereur Black Dragon / Eclair
2nd Milicona / Nol‘ Scorpion Ver 5.0 / Molniya unit 0
3rd Dark Rider / Pale Horse Pale Horse / Brynhildr
4th Tiamat / Tourbillon Steel Dragon / Coup de vent
5th Rave / Löwe Panzern VII / Panzer Kern VII
6th Shadow / Radius Dark Night / Shadow Maker
7th Entity / Odín Scorpion Ver 4.0 / Molniya unit 1
8th Lord Slayer / Allumage Red Dragon / Combustion
9th Tiger Panzern VI / Panzer Kern VII
10th Demise / Dve Scorpion Ver 3.0 / Molniya unit 2
11th Rabid / Aardvark Green Dog / Amersenbar
12th Panther Panzern V / Panzer Kern V
13th Seeker / Allen Kojima Mobile Hunter / Type 1 Mobile Jäger
14th Psychotic / Tori Scorpion Ver 2.0 / Molniya unit 3
15th Slick / Tony Kojima Triple Hunter / Type 3 Mobile Jäger
16th Dill / Super Kiwi Pickle / Hauraki Bay
17th Gepard Panzer IV / Panzer Kern IV
18th Sadistic / Chetyre Scorpion Ver 1.0 / Molniya unit 4
19th Burn / Totenkopf Flamer / Flame Head
20th Bruiser / Bulls Run Charger
21st Eliminator Swordsman
22nd Sundown / Sun Downer Spider / Abendröte
23rd Fire Crest Glorious
24th Eagle / Speared Star Speared Star / Eagle Lander
25th Death Master B.H.I.
26th Executioner / Hell Master Hell Bent / Executioner
27th Darwin / Enter Blue Evolution / Statue
28th Rough Neck Dual Terror / Bacon Fry
29th Jester / Fear Clown Majesty
30th Brutus / Ekonómija B Back Stab / Peak 2
31st Spike SMJ / Banshee Wail
32nd Death Leader Grim Reaper
33rd Striker Attack Hawk
34th Gunner / Gauntlet Diamond Arm / Dia Arm
35th Nobody Slash Goat
36th Slugger / Triple Crown Grand Slam / Slugger
37th Artillery / Ammo Collector Mine Layer / Artillery
38th Icarus / Daytime Lead Super Nova / Sun Burn
39th Hilda / Magician Trick or Treat / Missile Witch
40th Shaman / Simoom Desert Wind
41st Neptune / Poisson Pisces / Single Pisces
42nd Gear Crusher Anti-Tank / Anti-Tank 7
43rd Salamander Back Fire
44th Killer Rabbit Hopper / Spiral Bunny
45th Snake / Broken Heart Broken Heart / Evil Snake
46th Thorn / Rosen Ritter Black Rose / Destiny
47th Roach / Dragonfly Dragon Fly / City Raider
48th Luke / Black Luke Evader / Recruit Score
49th Danger / Corporal Mine Wasp / Danger Mine
50th The Raven -


  • Because the Raven technically became the Nine Breaker in all games, all Ravens are actually one rank lower.
  • Beating the entire Arena netted the player the FINGER, considered to be one of the most powerful and broken weapons in the Armored Core universe.
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