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The Armored Core 2 Arena consists of 58 Nerves Concord Ravens including the player character.


The Armored Core 2 Arena is initially composed of 50 Ravens working for Nerves Concord. At the start of the game the player is ranked 50.

The 8 Ravens ranked below 50 are added when certain Ravens are killed in the story missions and thus removed from the Arena. If the player has achieved Rank #1 by defeating Ares, upon completing the story, all possible challengers are added to the Arena; including any Ravens that were killed in the course of the story (giving you the opportunity to face them in the Arena if they were killed before you fought them), as well as any of the new challengers that did not appear because the player didn't play the mission that kills the Raven they replace, or that Raven was not destroyed in the course of the mission.

If the player completes the story before achieving Rank #1, doing so and then playing the final mission again will unlock all of the challengers.

After defeating a Raven in the arena, loading their profile up again and pressing Start and Select at the same time will change the player's emblem to that specific Raven's emblem.


Rank Raven AC
1 Ares Providence
2 Prisoner No. B-24715 Apocalypse
3 Lion Heart Black Knight/Ultimate Knight
4 D. Sebastian Crescendo/Triumphal Score
5 The Animal/Animado Death Penalty
6 Isotope/Deus Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina/Einstasy
7 Rose/Rose Hunter Queen of Hearts/Heart Queen
8 Dreadnought Mk-9999
9 Merciless Black Scythe
10 Strung Judas/Zehn Gebote
11 No. 1111 Count One/One Count
12 Brazen/Berserk Azure Sky No. 5
13 Stoic/Noah Anesthetic/Ark
14 Ken Hayabusa Model D/Model T
15 Suave/Bohemia Pussy Cat/Narciss
16 Ever Fighter Holy Mother
17 Higher Force Bipolar/Force Magner
18 Helzehen Scholar/Clockwork Head
19 Bulk/Trientine Mass/Evermore
20 Helios/Red Heart Red Fury
21 SAMSARA The Bully/Awis Ignea
22 Super Sonic/Speeder Laser Blade/Leather Edge
23 Divine Bloom/Freya Sweet Eden
24 Blood Striker Bullet Dragon
25 Cruel Justice/Justice Catastrophe
26 Grenstone Billboard/Moving Ad
27 Dr. Simon Element126
28 Cerberus/Thunderio Longitude/Vertical Fire
29 Hades/Bestario Latitude/Horizontal Fire
30 Chimera/MAN++ Tribunal/Judgement
31 Amnesia/Alan Smithy Mnemonic/Memoria
32 Time Keeper Infinity
33 Castor Universal Star
34 Malpractice/Rescuer Ambulance/Whiteish White
35 Funnel/Earth Saver Earth Rize
36 Death Merchant Demo/Sample Parts
37 Pollux Cosmic Star
38 Prophet/Heaven's Father Punishment
39 The Engineer/D.G. Full Metal
40 Pyschedelic/Girasole Rainbow/Over Rainbow
41 Grudge/Revenger-R Revenge/Drakuga
42 Werehound/Watchhound PK/Rookie Breaker
43 Venom/Snakey Joe Strike/High Snake
44 Phaethon/Magma Spirit Horizon
45 Tomboy/Ene Wishingwell/Peaceful Wish
46 Splurge/Coccolis Squanderer/Evil Phantom
47 Living Dead Debtor/Moneymaker
48 Hustler Two/Hustle One Eight-Ball
49 Light Seeker/Aurora Seeker Breakthrough
50 Player character Player AC
51 Chris Miura Vex
52 Co-op Millionaire
53 Lost Lamb Stray Sheep
54 Scarlet Wild Honey
55 The Veteran New Dawn
56 Falcon VIII MK-VII
57 Riot Gallows Bird
58 Matthias Funeral Mask/Death Mask


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