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The Armored Core 3 Arena is composed of 72 Ravens working for Global Cortex. At the start of the game, only 50 Ravens occupy the rankings, and the player character — identified in-game by The Controller as "Citizen 0824-FK3203" — is ranked E-10, the lowest rank. The 23 Ravens ranked E-11 and below are added to the list as the game progresses. Some of these additions are MT pilots who become Ravens once certain missions are completed. All Arena Ravens become one rank lower each time the player advances in rank; for example, once the player defeats Ace, Ace goes from Rank A-1 to Rank A-2, Royal Mist goes from Rank A-3 to Rank B-1, and so on.

The Armored Core 3 Portable version adds 13, a veteran Raven from the novel Armored Core: Brave New World.


Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Ace - Emblem
Ace Arcadia

He earned the top position after defeating BB, who was long considered the Arena's best. He strives for perfection and never lost a single match during his rise through the ranks. For now, he trains rigorously and awaits the next challenger.[1]

Having suffered his first loss ever, many expected him to harbor a great deal of malice toward the new champion, but in fact he holds him in high regard. According to Ace, their battle saw both pilots in top form and brought out the best in each other.[1]

BB - Emblem
BB Tyrant Even among the A-ranked Ravens he's known for being extremely aggressive. He believes in taking a fight to a high pitch from the get go, in order to bring his opponents to their knees and ensure victory. He's not above cheating to accomplish this.[2]
Royal Mist - Emblem
Royal Mist Kaiser A rare mission participant, his efforts are directed solely towards improving his standing in the Arena. The AC he pilots is designed to adapt to changing battle conditions and does so effectively. His rivals are never given a moments pause.[3]
Grand Chief - Emblem
Grand Chief Hammer (US)/Air Hammer (JP) This Raven is a firm believer in a well-armored AC equipped with heavy weaponry. His unit is able to withstand a great deal of punishment and meshes well with his combat style, which is to bring a daunting amount of firepower to bear as fast as possible.[4]
Fanfare - Emblem
Fanfare Intrepid Perfectly happy to wait out his opponents, Fanfare's AC is built to take whatever they can dish out and then some. He wins matches by never panicking and waiting until the other pilot slips up before moving in for the kill. The tactic serves him well.[5]
Caller - Emblem
Caller (US)/Collared (JP) Harlequin He thrives on delivering a dramatic coup de grace at the end of each match and views AC combat as an intricate and deadly art form. He is most content when both opponents fight at 100% and the battle takes on a life of its own.[6]
Valkyrie - Emblem
Valkyrie Swift (US)/Gunnar (JP) A highly skilled sniper with rock steady aim, once she's acquired her target it's rare that they escape her withering attacks. Outside of the Arena she's known for her pleasant and friendly demeanor, but once a match starts, it's down to business.[7]
Nocturne - Emblem
Nocturne Zine He prefers close range combat and is adept with the blade. A favorite tactic makes use of his core's overboost function to gain ground on an opponent, whereupon his fury is unleashed. He is quick to anger, especially if struck by another's blade.[8]
Flying Fix - Emblem
Flying Fix Flag Having spent a number of years working as a mechanic, she finally decided that the time had come to pilot one of her own. All too familiar with the danger of Arena combat, she operates a heavily armored AC and prefers to fight from mid-range.[9]
Cypress - Emblem
Cypress Shade (US)/Ten Commandments (JP) Steadfast in his belief that The Controller must be preserved, he pays his respect prior to every match. His AC is composed of an amalgamation of Crest equipment, making it well-balanced and suited to a variety of combat styles.[10]
Faust - Emblem
Faust Magus Nicknamed, "The Sorcerer," he has an unsettling habit of disappearing into thin air after combat. He prefers to launch attacks while airborne and though his AC may look delicate, opponents underestimate it at their own peril.[11]
Impulse - Emblem
Impulse Stallion A young pilot often referred to as Arena's Breeze. His most cherished possession is a white-gold belt buckle that belonged to his father, also a Raven. His close-in combat style emulates his father's and he is well-liked by the older spectators.[12]
Bremen - Emblem
Bremen Multi Box Decked out in a full complement of missile launchers, this AC was built specifically for long-range combat. The pilot hates close contact, and prefers to strike from a distance. Most consider him a coward and he is known to have heavy trigger finger.[13]
Fanatic - Emblem
Fanatic Red Eye With her icy one-eyed stare and distinct red eye patch, this AC's pilot makes quite a first impression. She never works alone when taking mission assignments and while not a superb pilot, her skill level can safely be rated as above average.[14]
Midas - Emblem
Midas Semilat Named after a legendary king who turned everything that he touched into gold, the pilot refers to her AC's close-range cannons as the King's Right Hand. In this case, what they touch turns to scrap, not gold. She and Barchetta were close once.[15]
Street Enemy - Emblem
Street Enemy Static Man Discontent with his impoverished upbringing, this pilot immersed himself in the criminal underworld, eventually rising to a position of wealth. He accepts missions based solely on their monetary value and greed rules his every waking hour.[16]
Trooper - Emblem
Trooper Viper Utilizing his AC's mobility to great effect, he runs rings around his opponents, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike. He worries constantly about the well-being of his daughter, who ran away hoping to become a mercenary herself.[17]
Hostile - Emblem
Hostile Atomic Pod Short-tempered and headstrong, Hostile rushes into battle with weapons blazing in the hopes of claiming quick, decisive victories. This lack of restraint carries over to all aspects of his life and he is usually trying to escape one predicament after another.[18]
Trafalgar - Emblem
Trafalgar D. Trigger He joined the Arena with a single purpose, locate the Raven who betrayed him and mete out his own brand of justice. The plan was set in motion shortly after learning his quarry retreated to the sanctuary of the Arena, complete with a new identity.[19]
Milky Way - Emblem
Milky Way Niche (US)/ Neige (JP) Striking good looks and phenomenal combat skill have earned her a fan base rivaling that of any other Arena pilot. She values their encouragement, and repays them with memorable performances every time she steps into the Arena.[20]
Bad Brain - Emblem
Bad Brain Pincer (US)/Bloody Horn (JP) Prefers using weapons like flame throwers and napalm to ravage an opponent's AC. One of his favorite ploys is to lull unsuspecting pilots into believing he's made a fatal error, only to realize too late that they've been setup.[21]
Shadow Age - Emblem
Shadow Age Grinder (US)/Crush Bone (JP) A close-range combatant who disregards all damage inflicted on his AC as he blind rushes the enemy. More often than not, his opponents falter just long enough, that their fate is sealed then and there. Most pilots go out of their way to avoid Grinder.[22]
OX - Emblem
OX Parthenon An itchy trigger finger, limited ammo reserves, and target acquisition leave most wondering how this pilot got as far as he has. He's made improvements to his AC's ammunition stores, but the underlying problems remain.[23]
Barchetta - Emblem
Barchetta Karma The polish and grace of his combat style make him wildly popular with the Arena's female fans. He and Midas were once close, but grew apart after her Arena career took off. Whenever her name is mentioned, he ruminates about days gone by.[24]
Thunder House - Emblem
Thunder House Battlefield He takes great pleasure using his AC's laser cannon to demolish those that challenge him. When unleashed, the weapon rains down damage and peals of thunder echo across the Arena. He's made rapid advances, but many still question his skill.[25]
Comeback - Emblem
Comeback (US)/Party Play (JP) Joker A slow starter, it's not that often that he finds his rhythm before the tide turns against him. Every now and then though, something clicks and he's able to regain lost ground. He's earned a loyal following by keeping spectators on edge.[26]
Claizen - Emblem
Claizen Insomnia Born in the working class slums, he recently lost everything after his city sector was deemed unfit for habitation and closed. He typifies the average, blue-collar citizen trying to eke out a living under corporate oppression.[27]
Bison - Emblem
Bison Gauntlet Known for his spectacular boost charges, which are accompanied by constant volleys from both arms weapons. The pursuit missiles on the back of his AC serve him well and though some claim he is just lucky, his actions prove otherwise.[28]
Sweet Sweeper - Emblem
Sweet Sweeper Varna Relies on fancy footwork and precision fire to get things done. Meshing his combat style with a lightweight AC was a no-brainer, but its lack of armor plating has cost him many battles. He trains constantly to compensate for this.[29]
Fragile - Emblem
Fragile Night Flyer This AC unit is designed to be as light and maneuverable as possible. The pilot takes great pride in his ability to keep opponents off balance. Regrettably, the AC has serious part conflicts and as a result, it suffers energy consumption problems.[30]
Hard Edge - Emblem
Hard Edge Revival A pilot with exceptional skill, but very much in need of a few lucky breaks. The handful of fights he's won aren't enough to pay for upgrades, but the tough losses are only making him a better pilot. He'll do fine once his luck turns.[31]
Flare-Up - Emblem
Flare-Up (US)/Flare (JP) Dynamo His combat style is rather simple and integrates basic, reliable strategies with a single weapon type. He prefers to equip his AC with weapon arms and is quite adept at forcing opponents to follow the pace he sets. His tactics are predictable, but sound.[32]
Doral - Emblem
Doral Crossback (US)/Black Cross (JP) He whittles down opponents using his AC's wide array of weapons in combination with effective hit-and-run tactics. Included among his AC's arsenal is a mine dispenser for setting traps and a machine gun to keep the pressure on.[33]
Suburban King - Emblem
Suburban King Ghast Quick on his feet, this pilot takes full advantage of the speed and handling provided by his AC's hovering ability to set an exhausting battle tempo. His short-range shotgun produces damage far greater than most expect.[34]
Yellow Boat - Emblem
Yellow Boat Apathy An optimist, her combat strategy incorporates very little in the way of proven tactics and she relies solely on luck to best the competition. Her AC is designed for looks and the random parts layout makes it hard to anticipate her moves.[35]
Aster - Emblem
Aster Megalo Excels at both close and mid-range battles, taking advantages of his AC's mobility to keep opponents off balance. The sniper rifle he equips was chosen for its speed, not range. He uses it only when a target is locked and the hit assured.[36]
Chain Impact - Emblem
Chain Impact Valiant A stickler in his ways, he equips only high-speed, solid shell weapons. There is nothing fancy with regard to his combat style, but if he is able to draw and hold a bead on an opponent, they're in trouble.[37]
Fixer - Emblem
Fixer Einhander His innate understanding of AC warfare tactics and strategies surpasses that of any other pilot, but his own record is surprisingly inconsistent. Were he to apply himself, most believe he would rank among the Arena's best.[38]
Back Breaker - Emblem
Back Breaker Castor A prudent pilot, his goal is to get behind his foe thereby gaining the upper hand. Unfortunately, this tactic requires mobility and conflicts with his preference for tread-based leg parts. Unwilling to change, he struggles to advance.[39]
Pylon - Emblem
Pylon Tower of Wind A rather unusual character, this Raven is afraid of heights, and it is only when he's piloting an AC that the fear is suppressed. Once strapped in, he takes to the skies and is a skilled aerial combatant. Piloting techniques makes up for his AC's shortcomings.[40]
Twinhead-W - Emblem
Twinhead-W Animal (US)/Screaming Animal (JP) Younger brother of Twinhead-B, he is most often accompanied by his sister when participating in missions. His role in this deadly duo is as a "closer," stepping in at the last possible moment to finish the job. He enjoys combat and shows a lot of potential.[41]
Vice - Emblem
Vice Firefly While he has no defining traits in either his setup of combat style, he pilots a well rounded unit and adapts easily to various battlefield conditions. His fights are usually uneventful, but every once in a while he puts on a good show.[42]
Gaidoz - Emblem
Gaidoz (US)/Gedo (JP) Guernica He relies heavily on his AC's weapon arms to carry him to victory. A bit over the top, he is flashy and popular. Many feel that his limited repertoire is best suited for combat with members of the Arena's lower echelon and wouldn't cut it higher up.[43]
Cascade - Emblem
Cascade Signal A former street racer, he savors the rush experienced when he turns on his AC's overboost function. Rarely stationary at any point during combat, he constantly jets to and fro around the Arena. He is quick to abandon battles where he feels outmatched.[44]
Snakewood - Emblem
Snakewood Gateway He avoids being pulled into more risky close-range battles, and for the most part only engages when a comfortable buffer exists between him and his opponent. Since his AC lacks offensive strength, his fights can be long drawn out affairs.[45]
Twinhead-B - Emblem
Twinhead-B Patriot Twinhead-W's older sister, she usually fights alongside her brother in the role of main attack element, and in doing so, diverts attention away from his presence. Their difference in rank has ruffled her feathers a bit.[46]
Strasbourg - Emblem
Strasbourg Volcano A true hothead, all he can think about once an opponent is in his sights, is to engage. He sometimes gets so caught up in the action, he will actually stop in place and fire blind. He has no respect for those afraid to take a little beating.[47]
Wake Up - Emblem
Wake Up Echo Head An Arena pilot of great skill once, he's had nothing but losses ever since a certain traumatic event. He claims to have put it behind him, but there is no doubt that he still struggles with the aftereffects. Most wonder if he can bounce back.[48]
Adieu Emblem
Adieu Sky Dancer He has little experience, and it is painfully evident in every respect. His AC is poorly equipped, and would stand almost no chance at the Arena's higher levels. He's garnered a small fan base given his willingness to try, but harsh lessons await.[49]
E-10 Citizen 0824-FK3203 (player character) Player choice Newly inducted into the Raven Order, this pilot's past is a mystery. Like all recruits, he has proven himself a capable AC operator, but that alone doesn't count for much in the Arena. Is he up to the challenge? Only time will tell.[50]

The following are added as the game progresses:

Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Brass - Emblem
Brass Cool Head An exceptional pilot, he's well versed in ground combat tactics and it shows. He puts his AC's mobility to good use, always presenting a difficult target, and is more than happy to trade fire with his opponents while on the move.[51]
Bilbo - Emblem
Bilbo Green Witch A Raven with a green thumb, as well as a real love for nature. She donates most of her winnings to the underground botany project in support of her favorite cause. Her AC design equips energy weapons to the exclusion of all others.[52]
Paranoia - Emblem
Paranoia Ice Walls A former street actor, he's taken the show on the road and now performs only for his Arena fans. Winning isn't important to him, it's the spectacle of it. He views Paradox , who has a similar background, as a rival.[53]
Paradox - Emblem
Paradox Zak A former street magician, he's taken the show on the road and now performs only for his Arena fans. Winning isn't important to him, it's the spectacle of it. He views Paranoia, who has a similar background, as a rival.[54]
Pass Ahead - Emblem
Pass Ahead Progenitor He loves new toys, as any who have seen his AC can tell. To him, performance and compatibility are secondary issues and this stance has been his downfall more than once. Other Ravens watch him closely to find out which new parts hold promise.[55]
Ducks - Emblem
Ducks Ingot This pilot changes occupation like some people change their socks. He's always on the lookout for more money and accepts missions based only on their reward. He refuses to use shell weapons which, as we all know, cost money.[56]
Endymion - Emblem
Endymion Sympathy He's the descendant of a noble knight, but all proof that could corroborate this claim has long since been lost. His mother labors tirelessly to restore the family name and Endymion became a Raven to bankroll her efforts.[57]
Apple Boy - Emblem
Apple Boy Esperanza New to the Raven fold, his AC sports a rudimentary setup. He prefers head-to-head battle with as little fooling around as possible. He's an honest man, but his abilities remain in doubt. Becoming a Raven has been a lifelong ambition.[58]
Regina - Emblem
Regina Echidna An aggressive combatant who pilots an AC with a variety of high power weaponry. She likes to put on showy battles, but her AC's limited ammunition stores mean they have to be concluded quickly. She ran away from home to follow in the footsteps of her father who is also a Raven.[59]
Cold Heart - Emblem
Cold Heart The Sun Formerly an MT pilot working for Crest, his journey to become a Raven has been both long and arduous. He is still getting accustomed to piloting an AC, but his front line experience and instincts are top notch. He is expected to do well.[60]
Huntress - Emblem
Huntress (US)/Lip Hunter (JP) Rouge She firmly believes that once a mission has been accepted, the pilot is obliged to complete it no matter what. She hasn't been a Raven for long, but her mission success rate is perfect and she's in high demand because of this. The grateful recipient of many corporate sponsored gifts, she takes new equipment with a fervor.[61]
Scylla - Emblem
Scylla Delta At first glance, he appears to be another trigger happy, machine gun newbie, but his decision to go with shell based weapons was deliberate in order to offset the energy consumption of his AC's leg selection. He's calm under pressure and assertive.[62]
Spartan - Emblem
Spartan Tempest The pursuit missiles mounted on his AC's shoulders are more for show than anything else and his opponent's time is better spent worrying about what he intends to do with the machine gun. His AC is heavily armored and therefore slow.[63]
Castdown - Emblem
Castdown Browser As an ex-fighter pilot, old habits are hard to break, and he still prefers taking to the air and filling the sky with swarms of missiles. But like all fighter jocks, he's brash, which usually gets him in trouble when cornered.[64]
Sandoval - Emblem
Sandoval Bataille A tank nut, he's saddened that more pilots don't take advantage of what he considers to be, the best leg parts available. He became a Raven in order to prove that a tread-based AC can hold its own as well as any other.[65]
Hozumi - Emblem
Hozumi Eysen The teamwork between he and his disciple, Tsukuyo, is the stuff of legend. There isn't a single Raven who looks forward to going up against both, no matter who they're partnered with. Hozumi retired, but returned to the Arena to guide Tsukuyo.[66]
Tsukuyo - Emblem
Tsukuyo Sarashina The amazing teamwork between Tsukuyo and his mentor, Hozumi, is well known and they remain undefeated in multi-AC combat. Tsukuyo joined the Arena at Hozumi's request, to keep his skills honed and up to date. So far the practice is paying off.[67]
Kalchas - Emblem
Kalchas Coral Sky A rare breed, Kalchas attacks almost exclusively with blade weapons. Because of this, his victory rate isn't high, but his unit does boast one of the most impressive flight durations of any AC in the Arena. He's a loner and keeps to himself.[68]
Asylum - Emblem
Asylum Gigantes His AC is a product of a school of though that the best defense is a good offense. He likes to get in close and unleash a flurry of attacks on his opponents. Anyone familiar with his strategy usually hopes not to experience it a second time.[69]
Vector - Emblem
Vector Hypnos When effectively combined with his AC's other weapons, the large missiles mounted on the shoulders are capable of wreaking absolute havoc. He definitely has a flashy side, but his AC design is all about taking down the competition.[70]
Terra - Emblem
Terra Spectrum His accuracy is something to behold, and the AC he pilots is designed to maximize his use of right-hand weapons. The tactics he employs are exceedingly simple in their nature, but are devastating when executed with such fine precision.[71]
Exile - Emblem
Exile Painkiller He's fought on many battlefields and destroyed countless Ravens. Stories of him cracking open opponent's ACs in mere seconds are used to frighten new pilots. No one knows his background, but most claim he is even better than Ace.[72]

Armored Core 3 Portable-exclusive[]

Rank Emblem Raven AC In-game description
Emblem AC3P 13
13 Mavors Never without his visor, this Raven is a battle-hardened mercenary who knows when to cut his losses and run. He mentors a young female Raven who's the same age as his daughter, and competes in the Arena to demonstrate his battle skills.[73]


Armored Cores[]

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Rank C[]

Rank D[]

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