Armored Core Wiki

AC - Armored Core - the original name for the tituclar mech of the series. They have appeared in all games but in 4 and For Answer they are no longer playable, becoming Normals with the NEXT becoming the new player controlled machine.

NEXT- The "successor" of the Normal in the Armored Core 4 universe, NEXTs are more advanced versions of the Armored Core that feature more powerful offensive and defensive capabilities.

Raven- The name of mercenaries that are hired by the Corporations via an intermediate company such as Raven's Nest and Global Cortex. They are replaced by LINX/LYNX in Armored Core 4.

LINX/LYNX- The name of the mercenaries that have supplanted the "term" Raven, basically the same thing though.

Operator- Throughout the series, Operator is the term used for those who support Ravens and later LINX/LYNXs on missions by providing critical data and status updates should the battle change.

PA - Primal Armor- This is based on the Kojima Particles that are condensed around a NEXT to serve as an energy shield to help protect them from attack.

AP - Armor Points - This is the health of an AC/NEXT and MT, which ultimately determines how much damage they can take before they are destroyed.

EN - Energy- This is produced by the Generator and are consumed by Boosters and Energy Weapons. Should the energy be completely depleted, the AC will go into Charging Mode, which does not appear in Armored Core 4.

Charging- This is when the energy is completely depleted and the AC needs to recover. When the bar is completely recovered, the AC can use energy again. This does not appear in Armored Core 4 on as when the energy is depleted, they just begin to recharge normally.

Kojima - Type of energy/fuel that all armored cores run off of and how a PA is powered. Very useful; however, it is very poisonous, like in the case of Tepes V.

KP - Shortening of "Kojima Particles," commonly used to describe a value of something, ie: a generator with a large KP output stat naturally provides a stronger Primal Armor shield.

KE- Kinetic Energy - A damage type found in Armored Core V, usually in rifle and cannon-type weaponry. KE damage comes from the impact of a solid object or shell. Middleweight bipeds and lightweight bipeds/reverse joints typically exhibit high KE defense

CE - Chemical Energy - A damage type found in Armored Core V, usually in explosive and missile-type weaponry. CE damage comes from a chemical reaction that violently explodes upon impact. Quadrupedal and Heavyweight reverse joints typically claim a high CE defense

TE - Thermal Energy - A damage type found in Armored Core V, usually in laser and pulse-type weaponry. TE damage comes from a concentrated blast or beam of heat and light. Tank and Heavyweight bipedal chassis generally boast high TE defense