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Armored Core V has a total of 93 missions, making it one of the longest games in the series. Missions are divided into two categories: Story Missions and Order Missions. Story Missions contain the game’s main plot, and there are only ten of them. Order Missions make up the remaining 83 missions and contain some background story content, but are primarily unconnected battles.

Story Missions[]

There are ten Story missions in Armored Core V which follow the main plot of the game. They can be played in sequence separate from Order Missions. Several features of the Story missions are unique to Armored Core V. Unlike in previous games, the player can call down a Storker at certain locations to change their AC loadout and refill ammunition and AP (although this costs money). These missions also contain subquests, which are smaller challenges that can be completed within each mission for small rewards.

List of Story Missions[]

Order Missions[]

There are a total of 83 Order Missions. Though not directly stated, the Order Missions take place some time after the events of the Story Missions, and offer a new plotline for the player, allowing one to battle several AC's (including the Zodiac members that were not encountered in the Story Missions), as well as revealing some details of Rosary's backstory.

Also, for the first time in the AC franchise, it's possible to hire a human mercenary or ask a team member to join in and help you with the mission.

Sub Missions[]

Each order mission has two sub missions: One is to finish it with no more than X damage taken and the other is to finish it in less than X seconds/minutes.

For the missions that involve defeating a single AC unit or clearing an area of enemy units, the limit is often 5000 k of damage, and the time limit varies from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. For the ones that involve defeating two ACs units, the  damage limit is often 10000 k, and the time limit is of 30 seconds.

Also, as said before, hiring a mercenary or a team member can make it far easier to reach the mentioned requirements, for as long one player is within the damage limit, both will receive the sub mission completion at the mission's conclusion.

List of Order Missions[]

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