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This is an introductory mission in Armored Core 5. You are playing as a member of The Corporation's combat forces and are defending the City against a Resistance offensive. This mission takes place prior to all other Story or Order missions in Armored Core V.


"Mission Information - The Resistance's uprising failed, resulting in the destruction of half its forces. The remaining forces are attempting to escape and gather in the west. Your mission is to pursue and destroy them.

Mission Objective: Destroy fleeing Resistance units"


Gun Turrets (Grom/Rytsar - KE Cannon, AP 5200)

Attack Helicopters (A66/2 Hawk, 480 AP)

Tanks (T-106E Slon, AP 1200)

Defence AC (R2B Shchit, AP 8000)

Highly Mobile ACs (AS-12R Aves/R, AP 6000)

Transport Helicopter (C63 Owlet, AP 10000)

Helicopter Gunship (B44 Rohk, AP 60000)

Leader (Vendetta09, AP 32977)


Level 1 (10,000 Au): Destroy 10 Tanks, Destroy 10 Helicopters, Destroy 10 Gun Batteries, Destroy 5 Transports, Scrap Collection A (Arm Unit: L&R Laser Blade - KO-4T5), Scrap Collection B (Arm Unit: L&R Rifle - URF-15)

Level 2 (20,000 Au): Destroy 10 Defence ACs, Charge Master (Destroy 10 Enemies using the Boost Charge), Scrap Collection C (Arm Unit: L&R Battle Rifle - KO-2H4/Podenka), Scrap Collection D (Shoulder Unit: CE Missile - USM-13)

Level 3 ((30,000 Au): Destroy 4 High Mbl ACs, Minor Damage (Lose less than 10,000 AP), Speed Destruction A (Destroy helicopter gunship within 2 minutes), Speed Destruction B (Destroy leader AC within 30 seconds), Time Limit (Complete the mission in under 5 minutes)


Carol Dorry: Strategic aid for Corporation Missions. She relays instructions, and target locations in real-time.

Leader: The leader of the Resistance forces, and Fran's father. He pilots Vendetta09, a middle weight AC with high KE defences, armed with UEM-34 Modesto, a low end pulse machine gun, a URF-15 Valdosta KE rifle, and the Grind Blade.

Police Chief: The leader of the Corporation forces, piloting a heavy TE defence AC.


Simply proceed along the freeway as the guided by Carol's blue line. You will come across several Tanks, in groups of four and two, and one pair accompanying a Defence AC. You will encounter several Helicopters as well. You only need ten so you can complete the Tanks subquest and the Charge Master subquest before you are instructed to get off the freeway. When Carol instructs you to leave the bridge to destroy a transport helicopter you will be near a gap in the freeway - destroyed as a result of the recent violence. Instead of going to the right, go left and you will see a helicopter landing pad. In the far top right corner you will find Scrap Item C, switch to Scan Mode to collect it. Beneath the freeway on the other side of the break, a few blocks up, is Scrap Item A. Now turn right and go a two blocks. There are several tanks and two Defence ACs, one with a shield (his AP is 10000) in this first location, at least one Mobile AC and a few rooftop gun turrets, all guarding the first transport helo. One block back and to the right is Scrap Item B.

Carol will then send you the route to the next helo. It is guarded by one Mobile AC, a few attack helicopters, and one Defence AC. As soon as the transport is destroyed a cut scene will start introducing Leader, the leader of the resistance forces. His AC has a high KE defence, but is weak against CE weapons. He is armed with the Grind Blade, Gulbarga CE missiles, a Modesto pulse machine gun, and a Valdosta rifle. There is a cut scene after this battle, but it is only initiated by either destroying Leader, or taking too long, in fact you can ignore him all together and go to a different area of the map and his cut scene will start regardless.

Carol will then remind you to get the other transport helicopters. The third helo is back where you found Scrap Item C, to the left of the freeway in the far left corner of the map. It will be guarded by two more Defence ACs, and some tanks, that weren't there before. After destroying this helicopter Carol will send you another route to the fourth transport helo, but first go back to where you found the first transport helo, in the farthest, most right corner of the map with regards to your starting point. A "fifth" transport will be here, guarded by four Defence ACs. Destroy this and follow the route to the next transport helicopter.

If you follow Carol's route immediately after destroying the third, you will go to the fourth, which is guarded by two more Defence ACs. But once destroyed she will receive instructions from the Chief of the City Police to send you after the Leader, and will not provide you with a map to the fifth, but will instead give you a route to the opposite corner of the map, to the left of your starting point, where the freeway goes underground.

When you get to the ramp it will be guarded by two tanks and two attack helicopters. The left side of the ramp will be partially blocked by a fallen building. While you're handling the attack copters and the tanks, a Helicopter Gunship will arrive and hover above the beginning of the ramp. Its AP is 60000, with a KE defence rating is 2300, TE defence at 450, and CE at a measly 65. It is armed with small KE missiles (400 damage) and napalm KE bombs (300 damage), so stock CIWS or be ready to dodge.

On the sidewalk, immediately to the left of where the Gunship hovers, and just past the rubble of the fallen building is Scrap Item D. Grab it and head underground. Your mission is all but completed. You just have to meet up with Leader to activate the final cut scene.


Nearly all of the enemies in this missions are weakest against KE damage. The transport helos and the attack helos are both equally armoured against all three categories. The exceptions to this are the mobile ACs, Leader (AC Vendetta09) and the gunship. All of whom are designed to withstand KE attacks, but are least protected against CE weapons.