Armored Core Wiki

Block policy

  • Reasons for blocks: disruptive editing, extreme harassment, spam, vandalism
    • Definition of "extreme harassment": Behavior that would be commonly considered very, very unacceptable by the average person. Admin note: I shouldn't have to explain this. Use common sense. — WiKiAN
  • Blocking durations: seven days for one offense; a month for an offense within the seven days after the expiration of a seven-day block; six months for an offense within the seven days after the expiration of a month-long block; and so on.
    • Maximum block duration for unregistered users: six months
      • Unregistered users that impersonate other users or famous people will be banned for a maximum of six months.
    • Maximum block duration for registered users: one year
      • Accounts that impersonate other users or famous people will be banned indefinitely.

Writing guidelines

  • Articles should only contain facts. Speculation should be moved to the Speculation section and contained within the GAContent template.
  • Do not use contractions when writing articles in the Main namespace.
  • For standardization's sake, use American English.
  • If a level has multiple outcomes, the one where the player is victorious takes precedence.
  • If there's a spelling conflict, follow what the latest game uses (e.g., Lynx over LINX or LYNX, per the English releases of Armored Core: For Answer).
  • If you have a source for your content, add it either by writing it into the text itself or using reference tags.
  • In the case of canonicity conflicts, the games take precedence. Differences should be noted.
  • In the case of naming conflicts, the older one gets precedence unless said older one is not named in-game. For example, "Firefly" is the name for both a mission and an enemy type. The mission is newer but it gets the name because the latter is named in a book rather than in-game. As stated above, in-game material takes precedence over others, so this is how it applies here.
  • Use present tense when writing plot details and the like. Use past tense when referring to events that take place before a game's plot; however, if the backstory of one game is the plot for another's, use present tense. For example, Anatolia's Mercenary is involved in the plots for both Armored Core 4 and its direct sequel, Armored Core: For Answer, so the only section written in past tense is the one detailing the events prior to Armored Core 4's plot.


  • For standardization's sake, use an em dash over a double hyphen ("—" over "--").
  • Italicize albums, books, games, and movies.
  • Use quotation marks for missions and songs.