Assault Armor is a new feature introduced in Armored Core: For Answer.


While Kojima Particles were widely known for their defensive applications (Primal Armor), it was discovered that they could be weaponized.

First appearing in the prototype unit known as the [00-ARETHA], Assault Armor allowed a unit to expend it's Kojima particle shielding to create a 360 degree explosion around the unit. Doing so completely depleted the unit's and any surrounding units Primal Armor, but resulting in devastating damage around the unit.

Despite its application, the technology did not become widespread until significantly later on after the destruction of Anatolia. It did see sporadic usage however, such as in the case of the Sol Dios cannons which operate around the same concept.

In Armored Core: For Answer the technology has become more common, although still very much unexplored with most company having only a few parts developed to utilize it.

Omer and TORUS are the only companies that have deeply invested in the technology, although some such as Cougar have developed experimental parts. Some older modelse such as Akva Vit's still exist.


NEXT engaging Assault Armor


Assault is a last resort "suicide attack" that weaponizes a NEXT's Primal Armor by compressing Kojima energy in a NEXT's OveredBoost unit and then releasing it to create a large scale Kojima Shockwave. It is often powerful enough to destroy most enemies in its blast radius. In a 1-on-1 NEXT battle however, it should only be used as a last resort unless the opponent has such low maximum health that it is likely she/he will be disabled by a single attack, in which case one should make sure to have enough generator KP to regain full PA strenght as soon as possible should the attack fail, Assault Amplifiers are also a good choice, should they be avaliable.


Kojima explosion from Assault Armor; power and size depend on overboost engine.

Although extremely risky, if the enemy NEXT has taken enough damage, it can be a very effective finishing move. The downside of this attack is that it leaves the user's NEXT more susceptible to damage, as the Kojima Particles that make up the PA don't regenerate for a short period of time after activation due to the whole rectifier system being overloaded, thus needing time to reset, and prevents Overboost usage.

When used by players, the camera will zoom out from their NEXT, showing the beginnings of the Kojima chargeup, and then go stark white for about three seconds, before coming back online at the last position prior to use, it has also been noted that both the user of the "AAAttack", and the one attacked may lose targeting system lock ability for a while making close combat nearly impossible as the LYNX has to use her/his own eyes for sighting and aiming, something even harder as also the conventional cameras in the head part may be partially blinded by the blast.


Upon activation, Assault Armor compresses a NEXTs Primal Armor to the point of visibilty (shown here), and launches it in a 360 degree explosion.

Although only available to players in ACFA, Assault Armor made its first debut in the final stage of AC4, used by Joshua O'Brien's 00-Aretha. This version had greater range than in For Answer, but apparently did less damage.

It also appears in Armored Core: Verdict Day used by N-WGIX during story mode. The version used by N-WGIX is slow to start and is combined with a physical "punch" like motion/attack before detonating. It deals massive damage, that will often instantly destroy a core if it connects, but leaves the N-WGIX defenseless for several seconds after its use.



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