Assault Crest Facility is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Information[edit | edit source]

Flying Fix destroying two Gibbon MTs at once using her flamethrower

Requester: Union

Advance: 0

Upon success: 51000

Operation Area: Crest's Data Storage Facility

Enemy Forces: MTs

Objective: Destroy the generators and all enemy forces

Operation Code: Power Play

Client Name: Union

Place Name: Data Storage Facility

Start Time: 18:30

Security Level: 9

Estimated Success Rate: 37%

Recommended Raven Rank: C

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Preparations are underway for a full-scale assault on Crest's data storage facility.

The facility is well guarded against intruders and we expect to encounter heavy resistance in the form of both fixed and mobile security measures.

Our goal is to neutralize both and safeguard the facility for a follow-up investigation.

Your object is twofold: Destroy the generators that power the security system, and eliminate all MT patrols.

We've employed multiple Ravens and plan to attack on two fronts.

This mission will be a joint effort between Union and Mirage forces. We expect all participants to carry out their orders as instructed. That is all.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Twinhead-W killed upon entering sector S-31

Union Commander:First, clear out sector E31.

Union Commander:Area secure. Head to sector E33.

Union Commander:Area secure. Sector N41 is next.

Yellow Boat:Sector N33 clear.

Union Commander:Roger Apathy, head to sector S42.

Flying Fix:Perfect timing! I’m low on ammo, give me a hand!

Royal Mist:Sector W29 clear.

Union Commander:Understood Kaiser, move to sector S11.

Royal Mist:Sector S11 clear.

Union Commander:Kaiser...sector E07 is next.

Union Commander:N41 clear. Move to sector W07.

Flying Fix:Disengaging...out of ammo.

Twinhead-W:My AC is taking a beating. I need help!

Comeback:This is Joker. Sector S04 is clear.

Union Commander:Too slow! Get to sector S16!

Valkyrie:Sector E01 clear.

Union Commander:W07 clear. Head to sector S31.

Union Commander:Enemy units converging on sector N32.

Royal Mist:Sector E07 clear.

Union Commander:Kaiser, take care of sector C09.

Valkyrie:Sector N32 clear.

Union Commander:Swift, your area is secure. Head out.

Comeback:Sector S16 clear. What’s next?

Union Commander:Joker, sector C13, hurry!

Yellow Boat:Sector S42 clear. Sorry, but my AC has had it.

Union Commander:Understood Apathy, get clear.

Union Commander:It’s taking too long! Hurry!

Union Commander:Raven, another AC made it to the generators. Clear the area around your current position.


Union Commander:Sector S31 clear. You’re our frontline, Raven!

Union Commander:Get to sector C00. Destroy the generators and any opposition.

Union Commander:That’s it, the facility is ours. Good work, everyone. That was a textbook operation.

Consort[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Armored Core 3 Assault Crest Facility

Start the mission and proceed normally to Sector E-31. Upon entering take out the Aepyornis MT directly in front. After doing so, take out the other Aepyornis MT to the right. Clear the sector by finishing off the Puffer to the left. Proceed through the next hallway and turn left, destroying both Four Sit L turrets. Enter Sector E-31 and take out the two Puffer MTs floating near the entrance. Clear out the rest of the sector destroying the ground Aepyornis MT and then the four turrets located above. If you boost into the area while firing, you can take out the ground MT without taking damage from the turrets.

Head back through the sector's only entrance and proceed to the left towards Sector N-40. Upon opening the doors, boost backwards and prepare to fire on the Gibbon MT that approaches. Continue normally towards Sector N-41. Upon entering, you'll find Flying Fix battling two Gibbon MTs and two turrets. The Gibbons should be your priority and easy to take out as they target Flying Fix.

Proceed to Sector W-07. Upon entering, take out the Aepyornis and face the hallway to the right. Be ready to boost backwards while firing on the Gibbon and Puffer guarding the path. Backtrack and turn left to continue on downwards through Crest's facility. Take out the two Aepyornis MTs at the edge of your FCS. Should it have sufficient range, you'll be able to take them out without either of them firing on you. Proceed through the first S-30 door. You'll see an enemy behind the second set of S-30 doors, so open the door while boosting backwards. Blast the Gibbon MT that lunges at you and advance. Turn left and enter sector S-31. Take out the enemies without worrying too much about Twinhead-W (his death is scripted and hard to avoid).

Continue and be prepared to boost backwards and fire the moment you open the exit to S-31. Another Gibbon MT should attempt to ambush you. Continue, take out the turret and enter Sector C-00. Inside you'll find the three generators powering the facility. Destroy them to complete the mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Raven starts in Sector E-30 which has already (presumably) been cleared.
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