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04-MARVE, an assault rifle from AC4 Era

 The assault-type rifle can be considered as a sub-category of the standard rifle.


A hybrid of standard rifles and machineguns, the assault rifle is generally less powerful than normal rifles but has a superior rate of fire. Arising as a new weapon category in Silent Line: Armored Core, they are characterized by burst fire capability.

Assault rifles also feature limited magazine capacity, often no bigger than of regular rifles; this drawback, coupled with their high rate of fire, tends to cause ammunition shortages in battle.

AC3 Era[]


AC4 / For Answer Era[]

In this Universe, assault rifles are exactly as mentioned above, featuring high fire rate at cost of fire range and damage caused.

Notable Users (and their ACs)[]

Armored Core 4[]

  • Shinkai (Split Moon)
  • Berlioz (Supplice)
  • Joshua O'Brien (White Glint)
  • Amazigh (Barbaroi)

Armored Core For Answer[]

  • Gerald Gendlin (Noblesse Oblige)
  • Canis (Savage Beast)
  • Otsdarva (Stasis)
  • Maximilian Thermidor (Unsung)
  • Shamir RaviRavi (Red Rum)
  • Anatolia's Mercenary (White Glint)
  • Lilium Wolcott (Ambient)