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Assist Emeraude Forces is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Emeraude

Advance: 0

Upon success: 31000

Theater of operations: Underground Residential District, Sector 7

Enemy forces: MTs (Unknown number)

Objective: Destruction of all targets

File No: A-PP-1420

Code Name: Speed-Demon

Client: Emeraude

Opponent: Indies

Place: Neo Isaac Underground Harlem

Weather: Cloudy

Mission Start Time: 9:25

Estimated Success Rate: 58%


This is an urgent request. A squad of MTs that we dispatched to Neo
Isaac's underground city have come under attack. They're being overrun
and require assistance.

The perpetrators of the attack are The Indies. Normally we'd be able
to push them aside, but they've come in force and our team is having a
difficult time.

Support our MTs and destroy all aggressors. Deductions will be made to
your reward for each of the MTs that is lost. Save as many of them as
you can. Good luck.




Operator: "The mission will be aborted if all MTs are destroyed. Rescue as many of them as you can."

Operator: "MT destroyed. Four MTs remaining."

Operator: "MT destroyed. Three MTs remaining."

Operator: "MT destroyed. Two MTs remaining."

Operator: "MT destroyed. One MT remaining."

Operator: "MT destroyed. All MTs have been destroyed. Abort mission."

Operator: "Destruction of all enemies confirmed. Good work, Raven."



Armored Core 2 Another Age Assist Emeraude Forces

Speed is key to clearing this mission. Move quickly so that you can rescue the MTs in time. The enemies you face here are weak but numerous. Bring a sniper rifle so that you can easily one-shot kill the flying MTs. Be sure to not hit the friendly MTs as well as they tend to get in your line of fire.


  • You lose 7500 for each allied Basalt unit destroyed.