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Assist Malea Base is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 0

Upon success: 38000

Theater of operations: Malea Base

Enemy forces: Disorder Units

Objective: Eliminate all Disorder units

File No: R-DS-0087

Code Name: Useful Bird

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: Disorder

Place: Malea Base

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 17:45

Estimated Success Rate: 76%


Disorder units have been detected in the newly developed Malea Base,
located in the Barreld Desert. We are unable to figure out where they
are coming from.

Disorder units aren't that powerful, but can pose a problem when
grouped. Finesse is the key here, as the base must remain intact. We'll
require a small, maneuverable unit.

It has been decided that a Raven will best serve our purpose. Your
mission is the destruction of all Disorder units.

Remember, this operation and the existence of the base are both top-
secret. Be careful.



  • 1 Transport Helicopter


Nell: "Number of Disorder units increasing. Destroy them as quickly as possible."

Nell: "Disorder reinforcements arriving!"


The best strategy for this mission is to equip A head with a bio-sensor and some medium to long range weapons, preferably chain guns, vertical missiles, or machine guns, as well as a long range FCS. When the mission commences, you should quickly boost up on top of the base, being careful to avoid getting hit by the Disorder Units. Once you are on top of the base, you will have a good line of sight on the battle field, and you can easily hit most of the enemies without taking much damage. some of the enemies may collect around the basses outer barriers and the Sides of the facility, so you will have to get close and finish them off. There will be a lot of Ameise to fend off, so preferably bring in a weapon with a lot of ammo.

The melee approach is still viable in this mission, but will be harder than in the first mission with the Disorder Units (Remove Disorder Units) because of the much higher enemy count and more open battlefield This is going to expose you to a large volume of fire from many vectors. First time around, it is not advisable to try to cut down every Ameise with a laser blade, as your AC is likely to suffer heavily on your way between them - a mixed weapon strategy is going to be safer.


  • You should equip a head with a bio sensor for this mission.
  • You lose -1500 for each EN Tank destroyed and -1000 for each of the four-legged worker robots destroyed.



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